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This mod makes the terrain look much better than the normal game. This mod doesn’t make the whole world a mountain like other mods.WARNING YOUR BASE AND SPACE SHIP WILL GO AWAY IF YOU SPACESHIP IS ON PLANET. LAND SPACE SHIP ON A SPACE STATION. IF YOU HAVE A BASE IT WILL BE IN THE GROUND!!!


This mod makes terrain on planets more different from each other. It will allow for 1.575 times bigger mountains but will also decrease other mountains to enable flatter planets. All in all I changed values that were all the same before to different values higher and lower than before.


Someone took the time to make a video about it (and while this is only one planet it should give you an idea):


If you have any suggestions or ideas, just post them below and I will see what I can do.


How it was done: In VOXELGENERATORSETTINGS.MBIN there are height values set at 400. These seem to control the mountain hight (overall hight of terrain). When changed to something higher terrain will rise and therefor the waterlevel will relativly decrease. At least when the next flag attribute is changed to “False” or else the water will rise with the terrain level.