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Weather God

Weather God is a complex mod that allows you to control five different dimensions of weather and sky coloring. Options include:

  • default time, always daytime, always nighttime
  • default weather environments, always clear weather
    Hint: if you want to avoid hazard weather and weather that drains hazard protection, choose the clear option.
  • default sky coloring, always blue skies
  • default clouds, no clouds
  • default storms, infrequent storms ( every 40-60 minutes ) or no storms at all

Every single combination is within the download and each option uses a naming convention similar to:


The lowercase letter “d” that precedes some options stands for “default”.

I’ve assembled them into an easy-to-use folder structure that should help you find the mod variation you want.

This mod will conflict with any other mod that alters:


This mod also includes the removal of visual debris that flies around in the air. 

This was a very tedious mod to assemble – it’s likely I missed something somewhere so if you find something that’s no quite right, please let me know.

Time Lord


Time Lord is a simple mod that will produce an “always daytime” or “always nighttime” effect. This does not stop time. The sun will still rise and set ( even with the nighttime mod ) but the sky colors will not change.

The daytime mod will still produce dawn and dusk colors.

The nighttime mod will produce nighttime graphics all hours of the day. The sun will still rise and set but it will have no effect on coloring, only shadows. It appears very much like our moon.

This mod is included in my other mod called Weather God. If you would like to combine “always daytime” or “always nighttime” with a number of weather control options, see that mod instead.

This mod will conflict with any other mod that alters GCSKYGLOBALS.GLOBALS

How Time Works In-Game

There appear to be triggers at 4am and 8pm that signal the game to execute various scenarios and actions. These triggers appear to be fixed; I have not found a variable that moves the trigger to say 5am and 9pm. 

Day and night pass in-game as they would in real life except that in-game time passes much faster! You’ve probably noticed that days are 20 minutes long and nighttime is 10 minutes long. This is absolutely consistent across all systems and planets.

When I set out to solve the problem of making the game “always daytime” I had to understand how the game was using time and I found that the appearance of daytime really had nothing to do with the fact the sun was in the sky. It turned out that the “trigger” at 6pm just told the game to blend the day sky color palette into the dusk sky palette and at 8pm dusk into night colors.

There are variables that tweak when these palettes blend from one to the next but they aren’t moving the trigger points. They don’t move the trigger from say 8pm to 9pm. They either extend or subtract from the existing trigger points. So you can make day time 50% longer starting at the existing trigger. Hard to explain and the adjustments are weird. At one point I flip-flopped night and day.

What you cannot do, or at least I haven’t found the way yet, is choose different trigger points or elongate time. I suspect there may be a way to do the latter, just haven’t found it. That would mean that you could change the ratio for time itself… right now 1 minute of time in real life equals 48 minutes of in-game time. It takes 20 minutes of real life time to watch daytime pass in-game. It would be nice to have daytime in-game be much longer, say an hour, but we’d need to find the variable that controls the ratio of real time to in-game time. I will attempt to find that, but it’s a tedious process as testing for it requires you sit and wait for time to pass ugh.