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Hardcore Milestones

This mod updates milestone thresholds to be considerably more challenging. Milestones have been increased at each level to be between 10 and 500 times the original requirement. As of version 1.4, due to some feedback, milestone distributions have also been changed; level 1 milestones have been reset to the original vanilla values, and a higher weight has been put on milestone levels past level 5. For Journey Milestones, 25% of the effort is required to reach level 5, and 75% for level 10. See the Chaneglog for more detail.

See included HardcoreMilestonesTable.xlsx file for specific milestone thresholds.

Note: The milestone popup screen you get that shows the number per milestone is not affected by this mod. So that screen will show the incorrect value, but the actual value is correct. That is a minor aesthetic annoyance, but has no impact on gameplay. Just mentioning it here in case it confuses anyone.

Now also modified Race/Guild milestones!