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No Strangely Shaped ‘Heavy Air’ Particles

This mod removes (makes invisible) the strangely shaped particles (skinny rectangle, squiggly line, rock shape) found in the atmosphere of some planets (scorching, radioactive, toxic, jungle etc) I haven’t been able to find the little common round particles and have given up , alot of people including myself like them anyway. I will also post more screenshots of different extreme planets and the particles removed.

PS Please direct any questions to this mods No Man’s Sky Nexus page. Sorry. I don’t use social media.

*UPDATE – I just reuploaded the file to include a long skinny particle that I missed and just found on a jungle planet!

*UPDATE – I just reuploaded the file to include a twin bubble particle that I just found on a toxic planet. See screenshot.

*UPDATE – I’ve just reuploaded the zip file to include an option to keep the ‘twin bubble’ or spore particle found on toxic planets. Last screenshot above.