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No Pickups Icons

Aiming for  immersion, this mod simply removes the pickups icons shown by the scanner but keeps his functionality of highlighting them and finding the "radio frequency" of the shelters, monoliths and other buildings.

I recommend to use it with the following mods for a more complete and “hardcore survival experience” :

You may also add Mountains of 701 by ScoochyDC to spice up the terrain generator and any mod that increase the number of creatures (Creatures Revamped for example).

Dood’s Minimalist Pickups

I got a bit fed up of the giant pickup icons (e.g. the isotope / oxide / silicate) swamping my screen and making it hard to spot my ship icon, so I put these together. 

Hope you enjoy a slightly less cluttered UI this way ? 

Legend is in the title image.  There is one there I’m sure I’ve never seen in game (life support recharge), but I re-did it anyway.   I’ve kept the colours close as I could, but without an icon I had to make some of the colours noticeably different, but it shouldn’t take long to adjust.