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Tropical and Humid Planets Temperature Fix

[Trop-i-kuh l for 1–4, 6; Troh-pi-kuh l for 5]
1. Pertaining to, characteristic of, occurring in, or inhabiting the tropics, especially the humid tropics.

NOTE: This mod is indeed compatible with the Atlas Rises update 1.3!

About this mod:

I love this game, especially with the Atlas Rises update, but I think that finding “Tropical” and “Lush” planets that have a temperature between -30C and +15C is ridiculous, so I made this simple fix to make these and other humid / wet types of planets have a nice steamy temperature somewhere between +25C and +40C (you know…like…tropical?). There are 5 different categories per weather type so I adjusted them according to the differences in the default values, meaning some will be cooler or hotter than others, but always within the range of tropical climate averages.

The mod also makes some adjustments to rainy weather planets as well to keep them above 0C (freezing point) as to avoid seeing planets with liquid “water” falling from the sky with temperatures below freezing.

I know water can exist in different states according to atmospheric pressures, and do have a decent grasp on how water but, I am not an expert, nor do I claim to be and I am not here to argue about physics. So, if you are like me and are annoyed by tropical, lush, rainy or other humid-type worlds being as cold as the Arctic, then please download and test my mod.

This is my first mod, so if you find any problems or suggestions, please do not hesitate to post them in the comments.


Life Sized Planets

This mod makes planet around Earth’s Size which I consider life sized which is 345.84 times bigger than default planets . I figured this out by watching the video where it takes a guy about 12 hours to walk halfway around a planet and doubled it to get around the full size. Then I checked how long it take to walk around earth nonstop which is about 8300 hours. So I divided 8300 by 24 to get 345.84, and there’s your answer. This is simply for those who want life sized planets and this could be hard on some systems. Also do not be surprised by graphical glitches with this mod because of the way loading in objects/chunks work. I give credit to pannonian for giving me the idea with his double sized planets mod which could be used by  less beefy computers. Also it’s hard to see a difference in space do to the lack of depth/DOF. Hope you enjoy this mod. Sorry for bad planet meshes from space which I will fiddle with or leave alone if I can’t find anything that works. I’m also sorry if I don’t get updates out quickly, because I’m 14 and am in school so homework… Hope you understand thank you <3

2nd Image is meant to show how close that looks from that distance just so you know 😛

EDIT: I have read about steambot and how it took him 4-45 hours to walk all away around a planet. This does mean that 50% is the closes and it’s my bad for getting this wrong. Until I decide to edit the files and change the name 50% will remain the closest as of now.


Warning: This could make you game very slowly if you don’t have a big rig. Also as a 2ND warning, land scales and shape can get pretty big and messy with this mod. Some computers may be prone to crashing.

Note: You will also have to jump to another system to get this effect

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Fewer Buildings and Resources

Fewer Buildings and Resources mod decreases the amount of some stuff generated on every planet.

  1. It decreases the amount of buildings. It makes planets natural and wilder. So you have to use scanners and beacons to find buildings, plaques and ruins.
  2. It decreases the amount of resources a little bit.
  3. It decreases the amount of caves.