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Portal Translator

This mod simply includes the hex value for the glyph icon.  Using that you can convert your portal codes to signal booster codes and back again.  

You can use to do the conversion and generate a link for sharing. OR you can be a nerd and keep reading on how to do the conversion yourself.

See this page for more information on how to do the conversion

Keep in mind that these are HEX values not binary values and if you don’t know what that means you’ll need to do some research.  Basically just make sure you use the “Programmer” mode on the built-in windows calculator and you should be able to figure it out.



The information below was taken from the page linked above

Obtain coordinates from Signal Booster

After constructing a Signal Booster, activate it to show a string of coordinates
Signal booster
First part – RAIKis scanner ID, other 4 parts – 0373:0081:0D1D:00C4 is the star system coordinates

Coordinates are the same for PS4 and PC. For example, you found a cool ship in a PS4 star system, this ship will be in the same system on PC.

Signal Booster doesn’t show galaxy/dimension (my coordinates 0373:0081:0D1D:00C4 captured in Euclid galaxy)

Convert coordinates

coordinates[format]: x y z star class
starsystem[hex] 0373 0081 0D1D 00C4
starsystem[dec] 883 129 3357 196
SHIFT[dec] 2047 127 2047
  = = =
voxel[dec] -1164 2 1310 196
JSON object: VoxelX VoxelY VoxelZ SolarSystemIndex

Conversion formula example:
z[hex]=D1D → 3357=z[dec]


and vice versa for extraction coordinates from save:

3357=z[dec] → z[hex]=D1D

Star class determines star temperature(color)/radius/luminosity and unique inside voxel, but the same class can be in a nearby voxel

SHIFT is constant

Convert portal coordinates to star coordinates

  • 12-character portal address can be decoded like:
portal coordinates glyph#1 glyphs#2-4 glyphs#5-6 glyphs#7-9 glyphs#10-12
glyph image          
glyph[hex] 4 0EC F8 FFE FFF
SHIFT[hex] 81 801 801
_ = = =
_ 4 00EC 0077 07FD 07FE
star coordinates[format]: (portal number) star class y z x

Conversion formula example:


and vice versa for convertion star coordinates to teleport adress:

Portal coordinates doesn’t contain Galaxy Name – i’ve experimented inside Galaxy Coordinates ⛶ 07fe:0077:07fd:00ec (Euclid)

Do not confuse Portal Number with PlanetIndex

Each system can have max 16 portals

You can traver inside the same system using portals (just change first glyph)

SHIFT is constant