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No Upgrade RNG No Bounce

No Upgrade RNG No Bounce version 1.55.01
a mod for No Man’s Sky version 1.55 (build 3020240)


This mod radically changes the technology upgrade system, removing all the “procedural” randomness from the process, in the process also erasing all differences between the different “quality” upgrades: every class C upgrade is now identical to not only every other class C upgrade but every other class upgrade as well. This applies to all equipment upgrade types. Once you have any three upgrades, you’ll have the best of everything. If you already had three upgrades, they will suddenly become the best possible. It also increases the default bonuses of all effects for all upgrades of all equipment by 50% and removes the “bounce” or ricochet effect from multitool weapons (bullets and plasma grenades). Those bonuses truly will be the best.

NOTE: The effect to existing upgrades of removing this mod is untested, but they will likely revert to whatever RNG would have been applied to them by their seed numbers, class limitations and bounce and all.

Multiplayer impact: untested, but the effects and huge bonuses will likely still apply to you, meaning a significant unfair advantage versus anyone (in PvP) without the mod.

Compatibility details: This mod alters the following file:

Any other mod that also alters these files will not be compatible. The changes to this file are so extensive that even merging it with another mod that alters the file will require changes to one or the other.