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DECEARING EGG MOD!!! (Multiple mods to make the game more fun)


Stay tuned! More versions of the DECEARING EGG mod may be coming soon! Multiple versions to choose only the options you want to use! As long as I can get everything coded correctly.


This is the DECEARING EGG mod. It modifies many different things in the game, all of which may not be in the description (because I’m a ToweL and forgot what I modified).

I created this mod because my friends and I were bored with the vanilla game. We discussed what we thought would make the game a little less boring and we came up with a list of things I tried to address with this mod. This mod modifies a lot of in game mechanics so I am not responsible if your saves get messed up, it causes your computer to crash, or any other problem. I personally have not have any crashes or issues from using this mod.

There are three version of this mod. All have everything listed below, but different modifications to the player/jetpack speed. Please use only one version at a time.


Current things modded:

  • Most movement speeds increased, on foot and in your ship.
  • Your ship can hover, go backwards, and fly underwater.
  • Health regeneration increased.
  • Terrain editor tool has bigger remove tool and uses no energy.
  • Ship has no launch cost, no pulse engine cost, and can do 42 jumps on one warp cell.
  • Warpdrive range increase to 110 million lightyears (I think).
  • Ability to build freighter base items in your planet base and build planet base items in your freighter.
  • Stack sizes of most items increased 42 times.
  • Storms should never happen.
  • Most weapons should take a really long time to overheat now.
  • Mining speed is faster for the Multitool
  • You can now access your ship inventory from really far away.
  • Instant scanner recharge
  • Instant scan for plants and animals etc.
  • Greatly increased scan distance.
  • You can now use unlimited technology upgrade modules.
  • Increased health a bit because I can’t figure out how to stop the fall damage.
  • Unlimited life support energy.


I want to give credit to these people as I have downloaded their mods to see how they worked to help me make my own mods myself:
ATaXiA a.k.a Armageddonv2 for their Bases+ and JetPack OverHaul mods.
Toddyupa for their Increased Ship Inventory Distance mod.
ClearanceClarence for their Improved Scanner mod.
Gameslinx for their Stack 1/2/3 More Upgrade Modules mod.


Compatibility Info for Modders

This mod changes the following files: