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Populated Freighters and Space Stations


This mod makes Freighters and Space Stations a little less lonely by adding some more NPCs to each.


  • Access the Galactic Trade Network from the Hangar of your freighter.
  • Take on new missions from the NPC on the Freighter Bridge.
  • Purchase new technology from the NPC on the Freighter Bridge.
  • Freighter Bridge is now more populated with NPCs that you can actually interact with!
  • NPC race changes based on Freighter race.
  • NPC placement is proc-gen.  All Freighters won’t look alike (Mission Giver and Tech Sales NPCs are always in the same place to make life easier though)

Space Stations

  • Transfer items between your freighter directly from the Space Station hangar (fixed in 1.3)
  • Completely rebuilt Space Station Hangar Interior
  • Zero Gravity Landing Pads
  • More Landing Pads!  Which more more ships can land in the Space Station which means MORE TRADING!
  • It looks really cool