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No Clouds

This Mod will remove all Clouds you can see from Space.
It won’t remove the Clouds you can see from the planets surface.

(This Mod won’t work with any other Cloud Retexture-Mod.)


Let me know if anything doesn’t work for you.

Shiptrail-Remover by Elca (Atlas Rises Update)


I saw a suggestion to remove the shiptrails and I thought that this would be a good test for myself since this is my first attemt on a mod and my therefore my first mod ever.

This mod removes the shiptrails and only shows the engine-glow.


If you have any suggestions please contact me, if you find any bugs please contact me too.

I will try my best to improve this mod. 

I hope you enjoy this mod and hopefully it immerse you. 🙂


(Please let me know if this works for you AT ALL)


Greetings Elca from Germany!