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No Man’s Sky Save Editor (Beta)

The reason I removed some features is because they were not working when tested.

I created an NMSSE Support Discord server. If you are experiencing issues, please consider joining:



Allows for modification of many aspects of a save file.


Currently editable:
– Health
– Shield
– Units
– Ship health
– Multi-Tool ammo
– Weapon seed
– Known tech
– Known products
– Exosuit slot count



Q: Why can’t I start NMSSE since 1.0.2-beta.1?
A: The most likely cause for this is that in the previous version, you selected the “Binaries” folder as the installation path instead of the main “No Man’s Sky” folder. If you go to your Documents and find the “NMSSE” folder, there will be a settings.ini file inside. You can either open it and remove Binaries from the end of the path, or delete the settings.ini entirely.

Q: Why won’t NMSSE start?
A:This is most often caused by choosing the wrong installation path for No Man’s Sky when you first start NMSSE. Go to DocumentsNMSSE and delete a file called “settings.ini”. After doing that, launch NMSSE again and make sure you choose the folder that contains the Binaries folder, and not the Binaries folder itself.
If that doesn’t help, try installing .NET Framework 4.6 if you don’t already have it.
If all else failes, feel free to message me about it with detail.



*Your save folder is automatically backed up before the modified save files are written.
Backups can be found in %appdata%HelloGamesNMSBackup

If you are experiencing any issues, please send me a private message here

Shoutout to Brendson for the video!