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Tesseraction – Angled Basic Wall and Floor Snapping

This mod is a part of Eucli-ea.
This mod allows:
  • Any building objects that uses Basic Floor snappoints to be snapped onto Basic Floors at an angle of 15, 30, 45 and 60 degrees in either upwards or downwards direction in the horizontal axis;
  • Basic Floors to be “stacked” vertically;
  • Any building objects that uses Basic Wall snappoints to be snapped onto Basic Walls and Basic Half Walls at an angle of 15, 30 and 45 degrees in either leftwards and rightwards direction in the horizontal axis;
  • Any building objects that uses Basic Wall Top / Bottom snappoints to be snapped onto Basic Walls and Basic Half Walls at an angle of 45 degrees in either forwards or backwards direction in the vertical axis;
  • Basic Walls and Basic Half Walls to be “stacked” horizontally.
  • Basic Triangle Floors to be snapped at an angle of 15, 30, 45 and 60
  • Basic Floors / Walls to be snapped to infrastructure shapes
  • Adds 16 guidelines on the side of Infrastructure Pipe decoration



_CubeSnap – Infrastructure Floor Tiles / Cube Snapping to Cuboid Rooms

Since Eucli-ea is being updated again, _CubeSnap standalone will not be updated. For future updates, go to Eucli-ea  page and get it there:


A part of Eucli-ea, _CubeSnap is released as a standalone for AR as custom scene-updating is way too time-consuming to be viable for one person as for now for a mod with the scale of Eucli-ea, while _CubeSnap only consists of a few vanilla scenes and one or two custom ones and is therefore much easier to update.

It enables the infrastructure floor tiles and cube to be snappable onto cuboid rooms.

Since 1.4.2 of Eucli-ea snapping in _CubeSnap has been modified for the users to decided whether a doorway in the cuboid rooms or not:


  • To achieve this, first snap the object to the cuboid room, then look at the TOP of the cube room and rotate the object. On the other hand, to create a hole, snap the object, then look at the BOTTOM of the cuboid room and rotate the object