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Truly Efficient Efficient Thrusters

Truly Efficient Efficient Thrusters version 1.55.01
a mod for No Man’s Sky version 1.55 (build 3020240)


This mod radically changes the ship launch system, especially the value of the Efficient Thrusters technology upgrade for ships. First, it reduces the base launch cost in fuel by 20% (50 to 40). Second, it DOUBLES the capacity of the launch fuel tank (400) and DOUBLES the fuel value of Starship Launch Fuel (400). Third, it reduces the minimum fuel required to summon a ship to 10% (40). Alone by themselves, those are a useful quality-of-life change, allowing 10 launches before needing to refuel even without Efficient Thrusters. Fourth, and not at all least, it makes the effect of Efficient Thrusters much more significant, reducing fuel consumption to just 10% of baseline rather than 80%. Combined, they allow for 100 launches on a full tank.

Multiplayer impact: untested, but expected to still apply the same change to the player’s ship, which might infer an unfair advantage in materials during PvP.

Compatibility details: This mod alters multiple files:

Any other mod that also alters these files will not be compatible.