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Show some love for your add-ons with this load screen replacement that adds the tagline “Custom Edition” signifying you are modded and ready.

I mean it does what it says, don;t expect anything amazing. =)

Honestly, it’s just flavor stuff I made for myself but maybe some of you might like it!

Leave a rating if you enjoy. It motivates me to keep making stuff.


Units Received = Fallout 4 Cash Register
Holo Icons +

Fast Intro Screen (packed & unpacked) (emoose)

This changes the DisplayTime for the startup logos to 0 – which shows them for almost less than a second.

Not sure if this actually speeds up loading in any way, but I saw a few people requesting this so here you go 🙂

ZIP contains a .pak file (thanks to Drogean from the discord for packing it) which you can use by itself, and also contains the unpacked files for people who don’t like paks (I prefer paks 2bh)