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Better Storms Longer Days

This mod makes a number of changes to make storms feel more natural and realistic:

  • Transitions of storm effects (stormy to clear and vice versa), as well as storm-related cloud coverage changes are much slower and more gradual. It no longer seems as if someone just pushed an “INSTANT STORM NOW!” button;
  • The maximum cloud coverage during storms is increased from around 85% to 100%;
  • The duration of storms is doubled but the time in between storms has also been increased;
  • Storm warning time is greatly increased, from 25 seconds to 2 minutes.

Furthermore this mod doubles the duration of days and nights.

As a little side bonus, I made the atmosphere seen around distant planets in space is a bit thinner, as they look rather too thick in vanilla NMS.


This mod is incompatible with other mods that modify GCSKYGLOBALS.GLOBALS.MBIN

Weather God

Weather God is a complex mod that allows you to control five different dimensions of weather and sky coloring. Options include:

  • default time, always daytime, always nighttime
  • default weather environments, always clear weather
    Hint: if you want to avoid hazard weather and weather that drains hazard protection, choose the clear option.
  • default sky coloring, always blue skies
  • default clouds, no clouds
  • default storms, infrequent storms ( every 40-60 minutes ) or no storms at all

Every single combination is within the download and each option uses a naming convention similar to:


The lowercase letter “d” that precedes some options stands for “default”.

I’ve assembled them into an easy-to-use folder structure that should help you find the mod variation you want.

This mod will conflict with any other mod that alters:


This mod also includes the removal of visual debris that flies around in the air. 

This was a very tedious mod to assemble – it’s likely I missed something somewhere so if you find something that’s no quite right, please let me know.