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21:9 / Surround / Eyefinity HUD Mod

This mod aims to fix the terrible support for 21:9 and Surround / Eyefinity Resolutions.  The HUD was completely stretched even though HG Claims they were supporting it.  This is a terribly bad port of the original HUD.  This mod has morphed from one mans project and another’s desire, to a slightly community driven mod with many support angles and contributions.  The following is the accumulation of work put into this mod so far. 

Changes that were made with this Mod:


  • Top left health area (spAnser / Toffler)
  • Wanted Stars (spAnser / Toffler)
  • Bottom Right area (spAnser / Toffler)
  • Crosshair (spAnser)
  • Interact Icon but not the black circle around it (spAnser)
  • Items / Slots (spAnser)
  • That circle behind the backpack / ship / multitool (spAnser)
  • 3D Renders on inventory screens (spAnser)
  • 3D Renders on comparison screen (spAnser)
  • Stats on comparison screen [ only the icons, the circle stat bars cannot be fixed currently. ] (spAnser)
  • 3D Render on pre-comparison screen (spAnser)
  • Units icon in the frame that has your name on inventory screens (spAnser)
  • 3D Render of NPCs in space stations on ships. [Also scaled down by 50% because its way to big ] (spAnser / Furinex[Surround/Eyefinity])
  • Font / Text should look nicer [ /u/Furinex has modified 2 of the game fonts for this release ] (Furinex)
  • Global Positioning of Main UI Elements for 21:9 and Surround/Eyefinity (Furinex / Toffler)



  • This mod has been tested in a 21:9 Resolution of 2560×1080 for the most part.  
  • Surround / Eyefinity Support is in current ALPHA state.  

Add me on Discord:  @Furinex#1883

  • Here’s a gallery for 21:9 with some descriptions: Gallery
  • Here’s a gallery for Surround / Eyefinity with some descriptions: Gallery (Thanks to MacTank11)