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Survival/Permadeath Tedium Helper

Do you wish you could play Permadeath for the challenge but remove some of the grind that the game forces on Survival/Permadeath mode? This might be the mod for you.

This mod aims to reduce some of the tedium in Survival/Permadeath while still keeping them challenging.

This mod modifies the following multipliers to be equal to Normal mode:

  • Exocraft fuel cost and fuel boost cost
  • Terrain manipulator cost
  • Launch thruster cost
  • Jetpack fill rate
  • Discharge rate of life support/hazard protection

What this mod does not change:

  • Damage multiplier, including hazard damage
  • Anything else not specifically mentioned

Exocraft Fuel Efficiency

This mod reduces exocraft fuel usage by 90%. Vanilla No Man’s Sky exocraft fuel cost is higher in Survival and Permadeath than in Normal–this mod retains this difference, so Survival/Permadeath still have a higher cost than Normal, but for all modes the cost is only 10% of what it originally was.

Note that the mod does not modify refuel cost (i.e. it still takes 300 carbon to recharge the tank), but a full tank will essentially last 10 times as long as it would without the mod. Normal and thruster cost are both reduced, so you can keep the accelerator on without the tank quickly emptying.

Hardcore Milestones

This mod updates milestone thresholds to be considerably more challenging. Milestones have been increased at each level to be between 10 and 500 times the original requirement. As of version 1.4, due to some feedback, milestone distributions have also been changed; level 1 milestones have been reset to the original vanilla values, and a higher weight has been put on milestone levels past level 5. For Journey Milestones, 25% of the effort is required to reach level 5, and 75% for level 10. See the Chaneglog for more detail.

See included HardcoreMilestonesTable.xlsx file for specific milestone thresholds.

Note: The milestone popup screen you get that shows the number per milestone is not affected by this mod. So that screen will show the incorrect value, but the actual value is correct. That is a minor aesthetic annoyance, but has no impact on gameplay. Just mentioning it here in case it confuses anyone.

Now also modified Race/Guild milestones!

Difficulty X3000

Part 2 of the X3000 series balance mods. This mod focuses on two areas of difficulty, and affects Normal and Hard modes in different ways.

Adjusts hazard protection falloff rates in Normal mode to match those of Survival and Permadeath. It does NOT modify galaxy generation in any way. You will still find carefree and safe planets, as the ranges are much lower in Normal than on Hard modes, but extreme planets and hazards will be an actual challenge and require the use of upgrades. 

All Modes: Hazard protection recharge has been mildly increased in caves and in your ship. (I get the point of the long recharge, but really, it was just boring sitting there.)

Base Oxygen protection duration has been doubled in all modes.

Sentinel Speed has been doubled. No more outwalking the space cops.



All base damage has been increased to match the Hard mode rates. This makes Normal a decent challenge, without all the extra grind attached, while Extreme Sentinel planets remain uncommon and pirates spawn at Normal mode rates (instead of every 2 min exactly).


Survival and Permadeth use Multipliers on the base damage stats. Anywhere from 1.5x to 3x. With the base damage changed, Hard modes can now InstaKill. For those who truly enjoy a challenge and feel Permadeath was too easy, I DARE YOU!

But really, Survival gets pretty easy once you get even 1/3 of the upgrades. This should, at minimum, inject some life back into late game saves. Otherwise, stick with the new and improved Normal mode.

Sparse Buildings

Simple mod which alters the distance buildings are allowed to spawn next to each other.  There are two versions, one which doubles, the other triples, the distance between things. 

Makes for a more arduous adventure!  I personally prefer the triple distance version. In theory it should reduce the total number of buildings per planet too, but I haven’t tested that. 

TLOZ Heart Icon

Hello for all! 🙂

This is my first mod, and i made this mod for The legend of zelda fans.

This is a simple mod that replaces the original land &  ship heart icons for the iconic TLOZ heart container.

Has two versions: one with original colors and other with a white color.

Can have a confict with mods that modify the hud.

I hope you all like, and any type of suggestion will be appreciated! 🙂