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SPACE WHALES and other Oddities

Due to the fact the download link results in a blank exit page, and this mod is over 100megs in size, please download this mod from Nexus Mods: 
I’m glad to present to you my Alpha V 1.0 of my space whales and creatures! 

A few things you must know: 
There are no animations yet, they still need to be fixed but there are whales and creatures with tentacles and if you find a creature with tentacles that are not moving just wait longer because the creatures just need to adjust to your sudden arrival. There are 9 RARE GIANT TITANS and they will be hard to find and they’re big as planets. Please note that you can’t warp to them, that is being worked on though. This mod has had its troubles and problems over the months but it’s pretty much smooth sailing from now on, just a few more bugs to work out and i’ll be adding animations myself and sounds made by a professional that i’m working with and maybe one day you will be able to shoot and loot them for body parts and etc. I have been working with all my modding friends in the NMS modding community to get this done. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have gotten this far. If the spawn rates are to common for the space whales and creatures i’m sorry i’m still fixing it up. This is the 1.0 alpha version but you’ll find them rotating around the space stations and the TITANS will be big next to the nearest planet if they spawn. I hope you enjoy this ground breaking mod and I will be adding more creatures to it and making it better as we go along.

Most of the textures and colors are procedurally randomly chosen from a list in the files ? that means there are millions of color combos and layers of textures for all the whales and creatures <3

Please let me know of any bugs 

Thank you for your patience ♥