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Nyxara’s Traveler Staffed Freighters

Nyxara’s┬áTraveler Staffed Freighters replaces the Freighter Crew (and Captain!) with the Fourth Race, the beautiful Travelers! The Captain’s spoke a language that didn’t really exist, so I had to disable the alien text generator for Freighter Captains, therefore, all Freighter Captains will speak your language without having to learn anything.

This mod is most likely incompatible with other freighter staff altering mods, and it makes use of the NPCSPAWNTABLE.mbin┬áso if you want this mod to work, make sure it’s a higher load priority than any other mods that alter that file!

It also now makes use of GCALIENPUZZLETABLE.mbin

Please Enjoy!

BUG REPORT: There is a bug currently where the mod makes you unable to claim the rewards from a Freighter Space Battle. I’m working on a fix but it’s an extremely confusing issue. Please hang tight, this could take a while. Sorry for the inconvenience.