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Denser Forests

IMPORTANT: This mod is now part of my “AUTO MOD BUILDER – UPDATER – MOD SCRIPT SYSTEM” and can be build on your own with a few clicks.

  1. Download the tool and extract it
  2. Copy the mod script (.lua) file from the ModScriptCollection folder to the ModScript folder
  3. Enter your No Man’s Sky game folder path into the NMS_FOLDER.txt
  4. Click the BuildMod.bat
  5. When asked enter “y” to copy the mod to your mods folder (it also gets created into the root folder of the tool)

When the mod doesn’t get created you need to wait until monkeyman updates the MBINcompiler tool.

Mod Description:


Denser Forests

9 Variants: x2 to x10

For No Man’s Sky 1.5.2 NEXT Update.

Many thanks to monkeyman192 for his huge efforts towards the NMS modding community and his work on the mbin compiler.

Mod made by Mjjstral aka MetaIdea

Contact: [email protected]

Realistic Plant and Tree Sizes

This mode is increasing the size of the plants and trees but nowhere near as big as BigThings. This is for people who think the actual size of the plants and trees are too small and would like to see some forests and jungles but they don’t want way too big things in the game.

Any issues please to let me know, I am still testing but haven’t found any bugs yet.

Denser Forests

Increases the density of tree patches and grass, making tree patches feel more like forests. Looks best when used with the Big Things mod.


Update 1.1: Added multiple options for tree coverage – 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, and max, which places trees everywhere it is possible to do so. I was unable to get good comparison shots, as the game places trees in a random spot whenever the amount is changed, but I have added a picture of maximum density (third pic).