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This mod ONLY WORKS if you have a MICROPHONE

Anubis is a ship AI created by Zenuel, and redistributed and repurposed by me. (Yes, I have permission from Zen to do this!) He is a fully functional AI system that responds to your real voice, and will do certain things for you. For instance; you can say “Anubis, activate launch thrusters” and he will do just that. He’s also fully voice acted, and he sounds pretty damn badass. Make sure to give thanks to Zenuel, his creator. He worked very hard making this for all of us. 

NEW: When you download this pack, there is a .VAP FINALLY!! It has all the commands, so you can spend less time messing with Voice Attack and more time playing some No Man’s Sky. (However, you’ll need to specify the audio locations of each file. Sorry. Can’t do that for you.)