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Larger Solar Systems + Weather Tweaked

I started messing around with modding NMS while waiting for some authors to catch up with the 1.55 update and therefore I could continue playing.

After extensive self-tests (for about 4 days) I found what I feel to the best for me. Myself personally, I love No Man’s Sky, but I believe the solar system’s to be too small. I love ship combat as well for this game, so I felt the systems need more space (and less asteroids to run into).

So, put simply, and forgive me if it’s early at the time of this posting:

Planet = 2-3 Minutes @ Impulse distance (upped from 20-30 seconds if that).

Asteroids = a bit smaller/larger but depends, and more resources in them. about 50% more space in between.



Weather figures (because my immersion was crying help) have been fixed up a bit! Now, no more boiling temperatures on Temperate planets (I think) unless I rolled back that change in this version, because you can’t edit the Hazard Table too extensively (found that out the hard way! lol). But, at least the degrees are a little more meaningful. A few things to watch out for are that in this initial upload, caves may not actually be temperate in all cases (partially intentional), and I’d like to add that if anyone understands weather systems for NMS drop me a line. This portion of the mod shouldn’t interfere with many mods as there aren’t many which affect the weathers.

On a side note: I will probably re-update after this weekend (it is Sunday) with a non-sky colors version. Didn’t mean to overwrite those 😉


Infrequent Storms

Changes the amount of time between storms. This is my first attempt at a mod and while it seems to be working so far, I’m not guaranteeing anything, so good luck. This is compatible with NEXT.

This mod is probably not compatible with anything that modifies the GCSKYGLOBALS.GLOBALS.MBIN file. 

Thanks for everyone’s suggestions and critiques.

Update 4.0:

Last update. I made some more variations of this with the Longer Days mod ( merged in. It contains x2/x4/x10/24 hours versions. These differ from the update below in that the day/night cycle will remain, they’ll just be longer.

Update 3.0:

Added an attempt at combining the Longer Days mod ( with this one.

New file is named appropriately and combines the 60-90 minute storm intervals with a 90 minute daytime period + disabling the day/night cycle. I do not know if this will properly make it daytime all the time and I don’t really care to test it. If someone else wants to, I’ll update this.

Update 2.0:

Added a bunch of different variations:

  • 10 – 15 minutes
  • 15 – 60 minutes
  • 15 – 90 minutes
  • 30 – 60 minutes
  • 30 – 90 minutes
  • 60 – 90 minutes (tested, most definitely works)
  • 10 – 15 hours (untested, may not work properly)

Note that last one is in hours. That one is basically an “I don’t want storms ever”.

The files are named appropriately so just pick the one you want, but only pick one.


Tropical and Humid Planets Temperature Fix

[Trop-i-kuh l for 1–4, 6; Troh-pi-kuh l for 5]
1. Pertaining to, characteristic of, occurring in, or inhabiting the tropics, especially the humid tropics.

NOTE: This mod is indeed compatible with the Atlas Rises update 1.3!

About this mod:

I love this game, especially with the Atlas Rises update, but I think that finding “Tropical” and “Lush” planets that have a temperature between -30C and +15C is ridiculous, so I made this simple fix to make these and other humid / wet types of planets have a nice steamy temperature somewhere between +25C and +40C (you know…like…tropical?). There are 5 different categories per weather type so I adjusted them according to the differences in the default values, meaning some will be cooler or hotter than others, but always within the range of tropical climate averages.

The mod also makes some adjustments to rainy weather planets as well to keep them above 0C (freezing point) as to avoid seeing planets with liquid “water” falling from the sky with temperatures below freezing.

I know water can exist in different states according to atmospheric pressures, and do have a decent grasp on how water but, I am not an expert, nor do I claim to be and I am not here to argue about physics. So, if you are like me and are annoyed by tropical, lush, rainy or other humid-type worlds being as cold as the Arctic, then please download and test my mod.

This is my first mod, so if you find any problems or suggestions, please do not hesitate to post them in the comments.


Weather God

Weather God is a complex mod that allows you to control five different dimensions of weather and sky coloring. Options include:

  • default time, always daytime, always nighttime
  • default weather environments, always clear weather
    Hint: if you want to avoid hazard weather and weather that drains hazard protection, choose the clear option.
  • default sky coloring, always blue skies
  • default clouds, no clouds
  • default storms, infrequent storms ( every 40-60 minutes ) or no storms at all

Every single combination is within the download and each option uses a naming convention similar to:


The lowercase letter “d” that precedes some options stands for “default”.

I’ve assembled them into an easy-to-use folder structure that should help you find the mod variation you want.

This mod will conflict with any other mod that alters:


This mod also includes the removal of visual debris that flies around in the air. 

This was a very tedious mod to assemble – it’s likely I missed something somewhere so if you find something that’s no quite right, please let me know.

Atmospheric Weather Mod

I watched the early video trailers of No Man’s Sky, and noticed, that there is dust and rain effects while the spaceship is flying, but the final product doesn’t have it.

While it’s raining or snowing or having a dust storm upon exiting the space ship, but it’s clear weather, while flying over the surface. I added the effect of dust and rain (depending which planet and its climate).   It’s still first version, so it may look ridiculously foggy and rainy, I may offer other versions with less fog/rain/snow or entirely other behavior of the atmosphere.  

What does this mod do: 
1. Flying above the surface in the space ship, you will see dust/particles/rain/snow and fog effects, just like you’d be on the ground. 

2. Be prepared, that this mod limits visibility by a great deal. 


1. You may experience heavy fog/dust/raining while flying, but upon landing, it may be calm.   The flight weather is a separate entity from the actual weather and there can only be 1 option, while the actual weather (on foot) varies, and the weather is based on randomness. 

P.S. : Compatible with HQ smoke/weather mod, since that mod modifies the texture files. 


Edited files: 









Realistic Storms (UR3)(PACKED)

Mod made by UR3, packed by Dpalme

Weather Realism Mod will modify the temperature settings, storm
chances, and hazard tables to offer more realistic weather settings.

– Greater chance of heavy storms.
– Greater variability of hazards and temperature.
– Extreme weather has been modified to allow for extremely hot, cold, toxic and radioactive planets.
– Weather settings more closely match there real life counterparts.