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Black Hole To Wormhole Rewording

Sorts out one of people’s pet peeves by simply changing every use of the word “black hole” to “wormhole”.

As it takes awhile to do these for all of the languages when HG releases a new patch, I’ve decided to make a quick tutorial on how to do it yourselves. Here’s a link to it: 🙂

I’ll keep the current rewording in English, German, both variations of Spanish and Portuguese which includes the American accents, and French, as the download for a reference of how I’ve done it in those languages.

Since I’ve already done it, here’s the Atlas Rising 1.32 compatible mod in English.

Actual Blackhole

Removes the flare from the blackhole tunnel, so it’s, you know… an actual blackhole

Changes the shape of the tunnel to a circle instead of an oval.

This mod is not compatible with any other graphical blackhole tunnel mod. It should work fine with speed mods, but let me know if it doesn’t!