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Jet Car Stunts | Rocket League Edition

Jet Car Stunts (JCS) is a console and IOS game with mechanics similar to Rocket League but with car platforming/parkour, and in this custom map we decided to make a race level in Rocket League with the JCS theme.

The yellow and black triangles along the course represent checkpoints which also refill your boost in the original game, and we also implemented that in our level.


Created by Live Dimensions and Pnage

Vote for our map in Rocket League Mods Reddit contest!


  1. Open C:Program Files (x86)Steam/steamapps/common/rocketleague/TAGame/CookedPCConsole
  2. Backup Park_P file inside
  3. Extract JCSRLE.rar, open the map files Folder, rename the JCSRLE.upk file to Park_P.upk and drag all contents into CookedPCConsole
  4. Replace all files if asked
  5. Open Rocket League
  6. Go to Tutorial Basic or Advanced training
  7. Play!

For easier use, you can also appeal to use a program like RLMapLoader to load the map

Version 1.0 of Jet Car Stunts RL Edition

Version 1.0.1

  • Fixed boost in last two checkpoints
  • Due to BlockingVolume issues, half of the last loop was removed and replaced with some more platforming


  • Added our names to the map

Version 1.0.2

  • Fixed checkpoints (There is still a few bugs we have to fix)
  • Added timer display


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