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Rocket League Championship Series Ball (Fan made)

A fan made ball, "Championship Series" inspired ball.

NOTE: As of the recent update: Radical Summer (18th June 2019). uMod has stopped working, and you'll need to remove d3d9.dll found in your Rocket League folder, aka. where the .exe is. -> Steam/steamapps/common/rocketleague/Binaries/win32 folder

According to the developer of uMod there is no fix, unless Rocket League updates the game allowing d3d9.dll to operate normally. 

I'll try adding the ball texture to AlphaConsole as that mod still functions!

Updates will be given here

(uMod not functioning, adding ball texture to AlphaConsole)

Read the steam guide for uMod, which is required for this modification of the ball to work!
uMod guide and download:

#1 Read guide and do the steps there, once you've configured it correctly, head over to the #2 step!
#2 Start uMod.exe
#3 Launch "Rocket League" through Steam!
#4 uMod should now have a new window, in which Rocket League is selected on the top of the window tab.
#5 Move the .dds file that you downloaded and drag and drop it into the uMod window (that has Rocket League tab selected).
#6 The file should now appear in the uMod window. Right click inside the window with the file in uMod and select "update".
#7 Check the game, you should now see the new ball texture!
#8 Don't exit uMod whilst you have the game running, or the game will crash.

NOTE: You'll need to have uMod open whilst you use the ball texture. If you exit and enter Rocket league again, you'll have to do the steps (step 2-8) again to get the ball texture back!

Do not under any circumstances re-upload my mod to other sites or this one without my permission!

Enjoy! (This ball is a fan made one).
Feel free to comment on improvements and what not.

Thanks for downloading! Ratings are much appreciated!

V 1.0: Release of the Championship Series ball. 


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June 25, 2019