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The Rizzo Bundle (Outdated)

Support your favorite Retired Rocket League Pro now Candle Maker with the Rizzo Bundle,

(Includes 2 Octane Decals, 2 Dominus Decals, 2 Fennec Decals, 2 Banners and 3 Wheels)



All Credit goes to Beefy Ramen Boy, you cannot upload, or duplicate any of his mods.
Credit must be given if you publicly share it on any Social Media Platform Thank You!

Alpha console and Bakkesmod are required in order to use any of these textures


When you download the RAR files you have to extract it using WinRAR or 7zip. Once you extract them you'll see a folder named Rizzo octane, Rizzo Fennec, or Rizzo Dominus. Do not drag these folders into the decal texture folder you first have to open them. Once you do you will see two more folders in each one of these folders a clean Rizzo decal and a faded one. These are the ones you have to put in the decal texture folder in order to see them in game.

The Wheel Files (In the "Rizzo Wheel Set.rar") have to be dragged into the Wheel Texture Folder once extracted. In game your gonna wanna put on Looper Wheels or the Mod won't load. (Also make sure to put them on grey painted. They make the mod look better).


The banner has a different process. You need to open up the folder and you'll see the clean and Faded banners you can drag those into your banner texture folder. But before you close it and open up rocket League you need to open up the notepad that is in that folder. You then have to replace one of the previous banner names in that note. For example you would replace the name steam.png with the name of either decal. save the note close it and then open up rocket league and it should work.

2.0 Added New Clean Decal and Clean Banner Variation

3.0 Added Clean and Faded Fennec Decals

4.0 Added Clean and Faded Dominus Decals

5.0 Added The Rizzo Wheel Set



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  1. timesteves says:

    but for me its showing up hyperbeast what do i need to do?

    1. If the folder says Rizzo octane Rizzo Dominus or rizzo fennec you have to open them. When you open one you will see two more folders in it. A clean Rizzo decal and a faded Rizzo decal. Those are the folders you have to drag into the decal texture folder so it appears next to the hyper beast decal. I apologize if I didn’t specify it in the description I will try harder to make it easier for people to understand I’m still new to this.

  2. dillykcdilly says:

    why would i get adobe acrobat reader could not open file

    1. I wouldn’t suggest using Adobe Acrobat reader I would suggest you download WinRAR or 7zip to extract the RAR files.

  3. just wanted to let u know someone is using this decal and edited it slightly calling it their decal, it just got uploaded

    1. Yea I see it, he claims on Twitter it’s been tweaked “90%” so he can do it…

      1. Then blocked me when I said I wanted Credit.

        1. it got taken off the site idk if it was by him or a mod but im glad its gone, thats stupid tho u cant like change the wording of a news article and claim it as ur own, still plagerism

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