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Charger Neons, GlowEngine 2.0 +var decal

Hello @all,

couple weeks have passed since my last mod release went online and i am really excited about this one ? Thank you for all the support so far! The popularity of TextureMods is growing everyday but we are still waiting for Psyonix statement about TextureMods, but we have to grow more to getting their attention. So please: SHARE the mods you like on social media platforms to support TextureMods and give credits to their creators!

Make sure to join our Discord if you have any questions/suggestions or whatever..: RLMods Discord – CLICK ME 😉


Some of you waited patiently and now it is time 😉

What you’ll get by downloading this mod:

  • Charger GlowEngine 2.0
  • Charger Neons(several colors)
  • var decal(paint your car black/white/whatever you want^^)

I hope you like it ? Im also open for any suggestions, feedback or mod requests! Just add me on Steam or hmu on discord and we’ll have a talk.

Watch the video for more


All texturemods created by HurricaneModding are his property and you are not allowed to upload/duplicate any of his mods!


Please give credits when showing my mods in videos or screenshots! Thank you!