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Custom Body Patterns for ALL cars!

Hello, so i’ve tried alot around since couple weeks and had finally some succes with all this custom patterns on bodies and sharing now to the public!

Custom Body patterns for all known cars (13), also including cars that already have a painted bodie!!!


  • If you already have a crimson Centio, but now want a white one: just drag&drop the files from white centio body into a working UMod–> it will replace/overwrite the crimson one!
  • I’ve only had problems with the ENDO, thats why painted bodies only working for animated decals + circuit pro only!
  • You also can’t use Animus neons with also using this painted bodies mod. (GlowEngine is possible, look for the “painted body version”[will be available soon])
  • ENJOY 😀

Car List: Animus, Centio, Breakout, TypeS, Charger, Dominus, GT, Endo, Mantis, Octane, ZSR, Takumi, RXT!


By downloading this mod you will get:

  • 3 sick body patterns in different colors for all known cars
  • some cars also inclsude JDM stickerbomb body-pattern
  • all cars include RAINBOW body pattern!


Watch the video for more impressions!

Bodies will be shown from 1:05 until the end!


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