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Custom Popcorn GOALEXPLOSION Styles

Extremely proud to present you the first ever customized GoalExplosions in RocketLeague!

Popcorn GoalExplosion gives you popcorn, I’ve made that you get Minecraft Blocks or even RocketLeague Balls instead of the default stuff^^ Hope you enjoy these.

Available styles for Popcorn explosion:
– Minecraft Blocks (Grass&Diamond)
– Cards
– RocketLeague Balls
– Pirate Coins Arrrrr
– HurricaneModding logos
– Blood&Bones
– Veggie (let your garden blow up)



More Impressions? –> watch the VIDEO!

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Would be great if you could give credits when showing my mods in public.


All texturemods created by HurricaneModding are his property and you are not allowed to upload/duplicate any of his mods!