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Breakout Heat GlowEngine 3.0

Updated: 26th Oct 2019



Hey there, proud to finally present you an evil Heat-GlowEngine 3.0 version for Breakout too! Hope you like 🙂

Also make sure to participate in the poll which car should get a version like this next:


Mod includes:

  • Breakout Heat GlowEngine 3.0 in several colors
  • Raw GlowEngine with Front and Backlights
  • Raw GlowEngine classic


The Decal showed in the video can be downloaded here:

[the decal does not work with alphaconsole atm!!!]




Watch the video for more impressions!




If you like you can help me grinding to make all this awesome ideas more popular:





All texturemods created by HurricaneModding are his property and you are not allowed to upload/duplicate any of his mods!

When showing them im public: Please give credits. Thank you <3