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updated: Octane Engine glow_New Colors and decent glow!! + var Decal (Black/White…)

VERSION 1.1 brings: NEW COLORS and you can choose between hard glowing engine or decent glowing engine 😀


Also watch my Montage recorded with mods ? MONTAGE with mods #01


Every texture Mod uploaded by HurricaneModding is also his property and you are not allowed to upload any of his mods!
All rights reserved by HurricaneModding!



If it dont work for you just make sure to try another version of Umod/restart game/restart umod/start as admin/….. whatever, there are many ways to solve problems. Most problems with mods in RL are coming from UMod. It is just an alpha version…

I am really sorry for all ppl where the mods does not work the right way, but i can’t do anything against it. Couple days ago i got same problems and  no mods worked for me at this day.. But couple hours after it was working fine again…

im just satisfied that we got the opportunity to mod rocketleague and i really want that all players in RL can use mods without bugs/laggs/crashes/issues but this is not always possible. 



Glow up the engines for octane too ? hope u like and enjoy it ?