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Rocket League Esports Flag Pack

Take your game of Rocket League to the next level with these custom Rocket League Esports Team Flags! Download now for immediate access to 16 teams!

List of Teams included (A-Z):

  • Cloud9 
  • EnVyUs 
  • ExceLeSports 
  • Flipside Tactics
  • G2 Esports 
  • Gale Force Esports
  • GhostGaming 
  • Hollywood Hammers
  • Method 
  • Mockit Esports 
  • NRG Esports 
  • Renegades 
  • Rogue 
  • SetToDestroyX
  • Splyce
  • The Leftovers


If you are new to modding, I recommend watching a video made by JuicyTuts. (Skip to 2:20 to save time). 

Just remember these tips if you know what you’re doing:

  • Texture Quality on High Quality
  • Make sure uMod version is r49.
  • Do NOT open ‘Options’ in-game when uMod is running 
  • Options can work if your World Detail is on High Performance
  • These flags work replace the top 16 flags in the ‘Community Flags’ folder. 



In general, donations to modders encourage them to make more, its optional but always appreciated.

Donate through Twitch

Want to see more work? Visit my Twitter @KernelPad

Note: Contact me via Twitter if a flag is not working. 

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