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Pulse x Thrustmaster Tournament Rocket League Ball (Multiple Colors Available)

Closest possible match to the Pulse x Thrustmaster Tournament Ball used on their YouTube channel. I have recreated the original ball used and also made a couple of my own custom balls with the same template but with different colors. I used to make the ball and since I was new to paint this project took me a while. I hope you enjoy it!! For any questions you can add me on discord @Nightmare#0001 or leave a comment down below. 

Colors Included In The Pack:

  • Yellow Ball (Original)
  • Red Ball
  • Blue Ball
  • Lime Green Ball
  • Purple Ball
  • Cotton Candy Gradient Ball (Work In Progress)

Stoner Set

This pack includes the Stoner octane decal and Stoner Ball reskin. The ball reskin sadly only works in freeplay or lan matches because of the possible competitive advantages they may provide. NOTE: in order to use this pack you must have the bakkes mod alpha console plugin. I also am not sure if this is possible if you have the free version of rocket league from epic games.

If you are struggling to download the bakkes mod alpha console here are some links to help….

I will also leave a link to a youtube channel called hurricane modding who can help you create custom decals of your own.