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New Playfield mods and styles are now available for all possible maps! New colors, new styles, on nearly all maps. Really proud to finally get this going and hope you like 🙂

Maps not included: Aquadome, SaltyShores (only in video pack), Farmsted, Experimental maps.

All other maps are included, also their day/night/dusk versions!!!

Available colors/styles:

  • Classic Green
  • Classic Green Summer
  • Classic Grey
  • Classic Blue
  • Classic Blue, Yellow Lines
  • Classic Red
  • Classic Black
  • Classic White
  • Classic Purple
  • HurricaneModding style (Black/Grey pattern with Red Lines)

Special mods for Urban Central(only dark), Wasteland(only dark), NeoTokyo(only cleaner/smoother look)



This mod includes a GENERAL PACK which you can directly download HERE!

The general normal pack includes ALL possible colors and Styles for each map!


Beside that there are following packages available:

  1. Classic Green Pack (classic green look for all possible maps)
  2. Classic Grey Pack (classic grey look for all possible maps)
  3. All in ONE Pack (includes all Packs and mod of the release!)
  4. Video Editor Pack (for editors only! blue/greenscreen fields and/or net/sky textures! on all possible maps!)



Watch the video for more impressions!




If you like you can help me grinding to make all this awesome ideas more popular:





All texturemods created by HurricaneModding are his property and you are not allowed to upload/duplicate any of his mods!

When showing them im public: Please give credits. Thank you <3