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Inverted Hexed Blackmarket Decal

The Inverted Hexed Blackmarket Decal allows the use of secondary colour as the base. 

If you are new to modding, I recommend watching a video made by JuicyTuts. (Skip to 2:20 to save time). 

Just remember these tips if you know what you’re doing:

  • Texture Quality on High Quality
  • Make sure uMod version is r49.
  • Do NOT open ‘Options’ in-game when uMod is running¬†
  • Options can work if your World Detail is on High Performance
  • These decals work¬†for all cars
  • You MUST have the Blackmarket Decal: Hexed



In general, donations to modders encourage them to make more, its optional but always appreciated.



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Breakout Type-S Red Bull skin + easter festivities pack

Back again this time with a Red Bull skin for the  Breakout Type-S. I really love Red Bull cars :D. If u would have any suggestions for a skin you would like to be posted here just let me no in the comment of my mods. 


This mods comes with the redbull skin for the Breakout type s. And included i also put the easter festivities pack. There are three vesions of this mod. Glowing lights and exhausts, glowing lights only and the default. its up to u witch one u like best. I personally like the glowing lights only the most(The one in the screenshots).