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Greetings visitor, here you may find several tutorials about how to modding the video game Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul

So to start you must learn how to create the file ‘SSZ’ for the mods, so let’s get going:

SSZ creation Tools

CPK browser
Bulk rename utility
Notepad ++
Guid generator
So to start you must learn how to create the file ‘SSZ’ for the mods, so let’s get going:

Now you can take a look on the modeling and the inyection behavior
This one is about textures and 3d modeling in fbx ir obj


Blender or ZBrush or 3dsMax or Photoshop

They’re some facts you must care about: The rig and mirror

This one is a furter explantion, because the ported character is both,  adjusted and rigged in this video.

Muted sound

Eternity Audio Tool
CPK browser

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