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Add new Costume Slots

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    How to add new Costumes

    What you need:
    Parameter Editor
    Character IDs:
    mii 0
    mii 1
    mii 2
    mario 3
    dk 4
    link 5
    samus 6
    yoshi 7
    kirby 8
    fox 9
    pikachu 10
    luigi 11
    falcon 12
    ness 13
    peach 14
    bowser 15
    zelda 16
    sheik 17
    marth 18
    g&w 19
    ganon 20
    falco 21
    wario 22
    MK 23
    pit 24
    ZSS 25
    olimar 26
    diddy 27
    DDD 28
    ike 29
    lucario 30
    rob 31
    tlink 32
    charizard 33
    sonic 34
    jigglypuff 35
    dr.mario 36
    lucina 37
    dark pit 38
    rosalina 39
    wii fit 40
    little mac 41
    villager 42
    palutena 43
    robin 44
    duck hunt 45
    bowser.jr 46
    shulk 47
    greninja 48
    pac-man 49
    megaman 50
    mewtwo 51
    ryu 52
    lucas 53
    roy 54
    cloud 55
    bayonetta 56
    corrin 57
    gbowser 58
    warioman 59
    mega lucario 60

    Video Tutorial:


    Open Sm4shexplorer and Navigate to “data(xx_xx)/param/ui/ui_character_db.bin” and extract it
    (make sure you use your regions data folder. For me its german so i use data(eu_gr))

    Open your extracted ui_character_db.bin with Parameter Editor
    Now search for the Character you want to edit according to the Character IDs. Im gonna use sonic so i search for ID 34
    (Name 6 is the Character ID and Name 7 is the Costume Count)


    In Name 6 edit and put in the Number of costumes you would like to have
    (for now lets add one Costume so ill put in 9)


    Save your file and put it back in Sm4shexplorer where you extracted it from


    Now we need to navigate to our Characters Folder
    (for me its “data/fighter/sonic/model/body”)
    there you should se folder called cxx


    Those are all the Costumes of the Character
    Extract one of them
    I usually use the first Costume which is c00

    Rename that extracted folder to +1 of the last costume of the character
    (since this is the first costume we add the folder would be called c08)

    Now open this c08 folder and put your mod in there
    (Usually its the model.nut and model.nud)

    Now put this new folder with your mod in it back into Sm4shexplorer


    it should look like this now


    Basicly you could use your new costume now
    but we need to add cosmetics like a csp or else the new slot would be blank
    this tutorial only covers the csp
    but to make it perfect you have to add things like result portrait, stock icons, battle portrait… the same way like the csp
    so in Sm4shexplorer navigate to the csp folder: “data/ui/replace/chr/chr_13”
    and search for the Character you want to add a csp


    Rename your new csp “chr_13_%character%_xx.nut” and add +1 to the number at the end
    (for me its “chr_13_sonic_09.nut”)
    and put it in the csp folder in sm4shexplorer


    if you search for your character now you should see the added csp file like this


    Now you can test it in game
    if you did it correct you should get this


    This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

    Also, how can I extract the DDS files from the CSP nut files. When I use the script, it doesnt extract anything.

    EDIT: Nvm, I was doing it in the wrong steps -_-


    Nice tutorial, i’ll try it later.


    EDIT: It worked fine except for this:

    How can i fix that?


    thats a missing portrait

    this tutorial only covers the csp

    but to make it perfect you have to add things like result portrait, stock icons, battle portrait… the same way like the csp


    I see.

    Then the uploader just did not put the portaits files. I guess he just did the skin.




    It happened to me. I just removed all mods and started from scratch.


    I’m having a problem with the “ui_character_db.bin” file (or any file that goes into data/param/ui)  When I put the file into the data/param/ui folder, it says it’s modded, but when I’m in Smash, nothing modded from the data/param/ui folder works.  Any fix?



    This happens to me as well, I expanded Fox’s slots to 12 by editing the 7th name in his entry, but no new costume is selectable, for some reason. Unsure if I didn’t edit the file well, or if it’s a program issue, but I just don’t get new costumes.


    For those having issues with the extra slots not actually becoming available: when editing Name 7 in Parameter Editor you have to change its focus BEFORE you save the file.

    What I mean is the new value you’re creating won’t even be written in until it knows you’re done with it. So after changing Name 7 for 9 or 12 or 16, however many costume slots you want that character to have, click something else in Parameter Editor. Click on a different name in that group, click on Group[1], open a different entry, ANYTHING that takes the cursor out of Name 7 so the new value will written in.

    To ensure the new value has indeed been written in, double-click a different Entry, doesn’t matter which, then double-click the Entry you were in before. The change you made should still be there. This means you’ve done it correctly and clicking File -> Save will now successfully save your changes so you can inject your now-modified “ui_character_db.bin” with Sm4shExplorer.

    I hope I’ve explained this thoroughly enough, but I can post pics of what I mean if it’s really needed. I had this issue too, this was how I figured it now. No more issue. Now I can have 8 Sonics and 8 Shadows! I have no regrets.


    Yes, it was that. I double-checked the file, but it didn’t work until I pressed Enter. Thank you!


    i tried this tutorial on my french smash, i’ve modified the character db in the two data (the original and the french because it’s my language) but captain falcon stay limited to 8 costumes instead of 9, could you help me ?

    edit : i saw a response to that some messages before, i’ll try it


    Hey, I’m experiencing some trouble.

    Every time I load the game with hacks, it crashes at the boot up screen. I followed the tutorial as best as I could, but maybe it’s a problem with my other hacks (I had one Lucas skin hack beforehand, and a couple of replaced music files that I did without Sm4shExplorer).


    I’m having a problem in the 1st step.

    When i rightclick extract the ui_character_db.bin, it says “Extracting file ‘data(us_en)/param/ui/ui_character_db.bin’ from Patch…” but it does not exctrat. I know that this process should not take too long, but it’s not extracting at all


    What do we do in the case that we did everything right in parameters, but the slots still don’t appear in the game?  In most cases, I see that most people didn’t really end up changing the Name 7 value, but I did and yet, my slot isn’t there. Yes, the edited file is in my mod build.


    EDIT: Can’t believe it took me this long to figure out the simplest problem…I was one off in the parameters. I got an understanding of it now.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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