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Adding Content (Such as Characters & Stages) instead of replacing

Sm4sh Mods Forums Requests Adding Content (Such as Characters & Stages) instead of replacing

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    Would it be possible to add slots for characters and stages in Sm4sh, because the menus themselves are setup to automatically adapt when DLC is added, so couldn’t we, for example, add the Ice Climbers to the roster, giving them their very own slot.

    I’m very interested in expanding the roster even further.


    No doubt this is possible, as something similar has already been done with BGM for stages, but give it a little time for others to understand how everything works. Or hopefully Soneek returns soon and explains how he added and renamed the BGMs.



    The Ice Climbers will probably never be fully functional in this game really. I’d love for them to be, but their AI would be complex enough chances are it couldn’t be replicated by individuals hacking the game. They’d probably need to be given a simplified solo moveset.


    I’ve been learning a lot lately, so I may see if I can add extra slots myself as an experiment and put a modified character in said slot.  If I suceed I’ll be sure to upload it here!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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