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Goku Arrives! (Beta)

The Legendary Super Saiyan!


This is made to go with a Goku skin made by KTH. I did not make this Goku skin, or the sound clips, only the moveset. It was made by KTH, and it's one of the best mods I've ever seen. Link here if that's all you want:

You must download the Goku skin at the link above to have the skin and sounds. I provide only the moveset.

This mod replaces Ryu with a Goku moveset that is STILL IN PROGRESS. DO NOT COMPLAIN TO ME ABOUT HOW IT'S STILL TOO SIMILAR TO RYU. I GET IT. Anyway, a lot of attacks function differently, and he has much different attributes. This mod will continue to be updated.

What I hope to accomplish in the future is giving him an Up-B similar to Mewtwo or Palutena, like Instant Transmission. The last thing Goku needs is another KO move. As for his Side-B, I don't have any idea what it should be, but most likely an offensive one, as his recovery is already great.

He's a bit weird in a few ways. First of all, his new animations don't quite blend together, but they look pretty good considering. Goku's "feet" can be heard slapping the floor while he is running, and he is still very similar to Ryu. My goal for this mod in the long run is to put Goku into another character slot, clean him up and make his animations smoother, and change moves entirely to make him more of a semi-clone of Ryu.

This mod is definitely a little rough around the edges, but I think it feels really good to play with. Have a shot, and enjoy!


  • Light Jab overall damage: 10% -> 8%
  • Heavy Jab knockback reduced.
  • Dash attack damage: 12% -> 10%
  • Dash attack has significantly less knockback.
  • Sweetspot removed from Forward Smash.
  • Up Smash is significantly stronger. Fire effect added.
  • Down Smash angle: 50°, 80° -> 35°
  • Down Smash damage: 16%, 15%, 12% -> 14%
  • Nair damage: 8%, 4.5% -> 9%, 6%
  • Nair has much more base knockback and endlag, switching its primary use from comboing to edgeguarding and spacing.
  • Fair early damage: 15%, 9% -> 12%
  • Fair late damage: 13%, 8% -> 8%
  • Fair no longer deals extra shield damage.
  • Fair has less base knockback and more knockback growth.
  • Fair angle: 61°, 70° -> Sakurai angle
  • Bair damage: 16%, 13% -> 14%
  • Bair has more base knockback.
  • Uair changed to a one-hit uppercut.
  • Uair damage: 11% -> 10%
  • Uair is weaker.
  • Dair damage: 15%, 12%, 11% -> 12%, 12%, 10%
  • Dair has more base knockback and less knockback growth. Grounded hitbox changed to have much more knockback. Flame effect added to sweetspots.
  • All aerials now autocancel in a shorthop.
  • All grabs come out slower.
  • Pummel is slower.
  • Forward Throw damage: 9% -> 10%
  • Back Throw is stronger.
  • Down Throw has less endlag and less base knockback.
  • Light Forward Tilt damage: 6.8% -> 7%
  • Light Forward Tilt is stronger.
  • Heavy Forward Tilt damage: 9% -> 10%
  • Heavy Forward Tilt is stronger.
  • Heavy Forward Tilt deals half as much shield damage (28 -> 14). Fire effect added to second hit.
  • Hadouken "changed" to Ki Blast.
  • Ki Blast damage: 5%, 5.5%, 6% -> 8%, 9%, 10%
  • Ki Blast has significantly more knockback than Hadouken, now having KO potential.
  • Ki Blast has twice as much startup lag (13 -> 26)
  • Ki Blast has less endlag.
  • Shakunetsu Hadouken "changed" to Fiery Ki Blast.
  • Fiery Ki Blast damage: 8% -> 12%
  • Tatsumaki Senpukyaku unchanged. (Work in progress)
  • Focus Attack "changed" to Power Attack. Fire effect added.
  • Power Attack damage: 12%, 10%, 17% -> 12%, 20%
  • Power Attack does not crumple opponents, but instead charges up a powerful punch. It is extremely strong if landed.
  • Shoryuken unchanged. (Work in progress)
  • Run Speed: 1.6 -> 1.8
  • Run and jump animations changed to match Cloud's.
  • Air control is much better.
  • Jumps are much higher.
  • Short hop is lower.
  • Falling speed reduced: 1.6 -> 1.4
  • His fast falling speed was left unchanged, making his falling and fast falling speeds proportional to the cast.
  • Traction: 0.06 -> 0.05


  • Forward Smash damage: 16% -> 17%
  • Forward Smash is stronger.
  • Up Smash damage: 17% -> 15%
  • Up Smash is weaker.
  • Dash Attack has more base knockback.
  • Heavy Up Tilt damage: 12%, 8% -> 9%, 6%
  • (The above changes makes forward smash Goku's primary kill smash, instead of up smash. Forward smash is now above average in power, instead of below average, and up smash is just average, instead of very powerful)
  • Nair has more knockback growth.
  • Bair is stronger.
  • Fair has less base knockback, but more knockback growth.
  • Uair is much less disjointed.
  • Dair grounded hitbox angle changed to match aerial hitbox angle.
  • Forward Throw damage: 10% -> 8%
  • Forward Throw has more knockback growth, but not enough to compensate.
  • Back Throw damage: 12% -> 11%
  • Down Throw damage: 9% -> 6%
  • Down Throw knockback compensated.
  • Power Attack uncharged knockback reduced. It also no longer deals extra shield damage.
  • Power Attack full charge is no longer unblockable. It also deals much less shield damage.
  • Shoryuken damage: 13%, 14%, 15% -> 10%, 11%, 12% (This makes him less similar to Ryu, and removes one of Goku's many KO moves)
  • Fire effect added to sweetspot of Shoryuken.
  • Ki Blast moves much faster.


  • Down Throw has less knockback growth.
  • Dair has more knockback growth.
  • Forward Smash is slightly stronger.
  • Up Smash has less endlag.
  • New Up Aerial!
  • The new Uair uses Captain Falcon's Uair as a template. Here are the differences from Captain Falcon.
  • Uair angle: 70° -> 60°
  • Uair damage: 11%, 10%, 9% -> 10%
  • Uair autocancels just as fast as Goku's old Uair.
  • Uair has more base knockback and less knockback growth.
  • Uair doesn't have the semi-spike back hit.
  • The new Uair's main function is to combo together diagonally, and can lead into Dair or Fair if the opponent doesn't DI correctly. You can also punish an air dodge with Dair.
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September 18, 2016


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File size
6.64 MB
September 18, 2016

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