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Golden Mage Zelda + Golden Phantom

Hello guys! and Zelda fans! I am not an English speaker, my first lenguaje is spanish, but i do my best :). Sorry if i can´t express myself well.. This is my firts texture hack i ever made, this hack is based on her White mage costume, is a combination of golden and green-olive colors, i think that the combination is pretty good. i change the color of her hair to red, the eye color and i put some freckles to make she look pretty :3. Works perfectly on-line. You can use it on the slot do you want. Here it is a golden version of the phantom, use it for a better experience if you wish :) . its pretty cool . This is a  (US) unpacked version, install it whith sm4shexplorer. CSS , icons etc coming soon so, enjoy it as much as i.. :3 Cheers~

Update v1.2

-Fix eyebrows -Add Make-Up to Zelda's face -Added more details to the phantom's armor -FIxed pixelated textures -Better Texture


Update v1.3

-Added Csp's, Stock icons, etc. Hey guys! this is what they have been waiting a long time ago, and well, here they are. Special Thanks to TVIndustries for make the CSP stuff for me. Without more to say. Enjoy it :)


Update v1.4 - TexIDFix to use on any slot (c08) - 8 player smash 



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August 30, 2016