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Smash 64 for Wii U

Remember being a kid, playing N64 all day? One of my favorites was the original Smash Bros. It was so fun to play as my favorite characters, pulling off awesome combos and fighting Master Hand for the first time. It truly was an experience. I also made Fast Smash, the mod that pulls the gameplay closer to Melee, and that was tons of fun. But I got to thinking, why not do the same with the original?

So here you are!

This mod tries to be as in line with the original as it can get, while maintaining some of my favorite aspects of Smash 4. It's a neat little combination, and I really enjoy it. As of Version 0.1, the release, it has the twelve original characters (and Bayonetta, as for some reason I can't remove her from the character select screen. I made her attributes garbage to ensure she won't be selected). They have all been tuned to match their 64 physics, but a full moveset conversion has not been made. I don't know yet whether I will pursue giving all the characters their old moves yet, as that's a lot of work, and I don't know how much attention this mod will get. The more requests I get, the more likely those requests will be met, so don't be shy, go ahead and ask me! I would love it if people could share this mod and get attention out for it.

I didn't make nor do I own any of the images provided.


I'm sure a lot of you are getting sick of this, but I'm not doing a full changelist. It takes a lot of time and effort, and honestly, I don't remember all the changes I've made, especially with a mod like this. I've made them as close to their N64 counterparts as I could, so you can use those as a basis for most things.


  • Hitstun increased: 0.4 -> 0.533
  • Grounded mobility is generally worse.
  • Walking is slower.
  • Damage output has been increased for all characters.
  • Recoveries in general are much worse.
  • Fall speeds are generally increased.
  • Throws deals more damage and are stronger.
  • Large characters are smaller.
  • Less landing lag on every aerial.
  • Shields have been reworked. They have higher health (50 -> 55), don't take 19% more damage (1.19 -> 1.0), and have much higher shieldstun [(X / 1.75) + 2  ->  (X * 1.62) + 4]. Shield breaks are much more common with this despite the increased durability, and attacks are much more safe on shield.
  • Minimum Shield Hold Frames: 11F -> 13F
  • Shield Drop Lag: 8F -> 15F (This change, combined with the previous one and the strengthening of grabs, make shields laggier and more unsafe, to discourage overusing them)
  • Powershielding has been removed.
  • Shields deplete slower while being held and regenerate faster when not being held.
  • Dash Turn Window: 6F -> 20F
  • You can be held by a grab for only 90 frames no matter what your percent is. Mashing to get out of a grab does nothing. To compensate, all pummels are worse.
  • There is no grab invulnerability. You can be grabbed no matter when the last time you were grabbed was.
  • Fighters no longer take extra knockback because of their gravity.
  • Smash DI is stronger.
  • Regular DI has been removed.
  • Rage has been removed.
  • DamageFlyRoll animation removed (1/3 of the time you are above 100%, you entered this animation when hit. You could not tech during this animation).
  • Crouch cancelling is stronger (0.85 -> 0.67).
  • Charging smash attacks doesn't make them deal more damage. You also don't take increased knockback while charging a smash attack.
  • Side B has been removed for all characters. I am torn on whether to keep this, as it negatively affects a few characters. Jigglypuff loses Pound, Ness loses PK Fire, and Link loses his Boomerang. All of those are very valuable tools and used to be their Neutral B's from the original game. If enough people request this to be removed, it will be.



  • Mobility decreased, like most of the cast. His air speed and run speed are now on the lower side of average, while his fall speed was marginally increased.
  • Despite his increased falling speed, Mario is now one of the floatiest characters in the game.
  • Up-B doesn't go as far.
  • Fireballs don't fall as fast, going more horizontal than vertical. They also move slower after each bounce.
  • Forward air's sweetspot doesn't last as long, but the sourspot is much stronger, being almost as strong as Dr. Mario's. A fire effect was added to the entire move.
  • Down Tilt now sends the opponent forward, not up.


  • Luigi runs slower, being tied for slowest in the game.
  • Luigi's air speed is lower, being the slowest in the game.
  • Up-B is stronger in the air.
  • Forward throw is much stronger. Back throw is weaker.
  • Up Air sends opponents up like Mario's.
  • Neutral Air sends opponents at the Sakurai angle, like most Neutral Airs.
  • Back air has less endlag.


  • Yoshi falls much faster relative to the cast.
  • Yoshi now has the highest air speed in the game.
  • Yoshi is heavier (104 -> 115), now being the third heaviest character in the game.
  • Down Air deals much more damage and can break shields.
  • Down Smash is stronger.


  • Donkey Kong is much heavier relative to the cast (122 -> 140). Without Bowser, he is now the heaviest character in the game.
  • Donkey Kong now has an average air speed instead of a high one.
  • Cargo Down Throw is now a weak meteor smash.
  • Donkey Kong is generally stronger. He now has the strongest Down Smash, the fourth strongest Up Smash, and the third strongest Forward Smash.
  • Dash Attack is stronger and faster.
  • Forward air is faster.
  • Down Air comes out much faster, but is weaker.
  • Up-B gains almost no height and doesn't move as fast.


  • Link's air speed is now average instead of slow.
  • Link falls much faster relative to the cast, having the second highest falling speed.
  • Link is heavier (104 -> 108).
  • Hero's Bow goes farther when uncharged and deals more damage.
  • Down Air and Up Air don't lose power throughout their duration.
  • The strong hit of Forward Air is now the first hit instead of the second.
  • Up-B doesn't go as high. It is much stronger when grounded, being the strongest move in the game when fully charged.


  • Samus runs much faster, being the 4th fastest runner, above Yoshi and Donkey Kong.
  • Samus is heavier relative to the cast (108 -> 117), now being the second heaviest character in the game.
  • Back Air is weaker, but has no sourspot and the lingering hitbox last longer.
  • Down Air comes out much faster.
  • Up-B doesn't go as high.
  • Forward Tilt is stronger and deals consistent damage on each hitbox.
  • Down Tilt is stronger.
  • Forward Air is stronger, has less endlag, and autocancels in a shorthop.
  • Down Smash is stronger, but doesn't send the opponent at a semi-spike angle and is still the weakest in the game.


  • Kirby jumps higher.
  • Kirby is lighter (79 -> 68).
  • Up-B doesn't go as high.
  • Forward Smash is now the strongest in the game.
  • Up Smash has a more horizontal angle.
  • Neutral Air is faster.
  • Forward Throw doesn't combo as well, but kills sooner.
  • Up Tilt is much more disjointed and is much stronger.


  • Fox runs slower relative to the cast.
  • Fox has a much higher air speed relative to the cast, now having the 3rd highest air speed.
  • Fox is much heavier relative to the cast (79 -> 100), now being average and tied with Mario and Luigi.
  • Up Smash has much less endlag.
  • Lasers are fired much slower, but deal more damage and stun the opponent.
  • Up Air is stronger.
  • Down Air now autocancels in a shorthop.
  • Back Air is weaker, but has less endlag.
  • Fire Fox is slower and doesn't go as far.
  • Forward Smash is now the weakest in the game.
  • Dash Attack has a more horizontal angle.


  • Air speed is much faster, now being the second fastest in the game.
  • Pikachu is lighter (79 -> 72).
  • Thunder Jolt deals more damage.
  • Forward Smash is stronger.
  • Up Air's late hit doesn't send the opponent on as much of an angle.
  • Down smash is bugged and the final hit doesn't come out. This will be fixed soon.


  • Jigglypuff's air speed is slower, being merely above average.
  • Jigglypuff is much lighter relative to the cast (68 -> 53).
  • Jigglypuff dashes faster relative to the cast.
  • Jigglypuff jumps higher.
  • Rest is much easier to combo into, and the flower effect and vertical angle were retained.
  • Back Air is faster.
  • Back and Forward Air are weaker, but this allows them to combo much better.
  • Back Throw is now one of the strongest in the game.
  • Down Smash sends the opponent at a higher angle, no longer making them slide across the ground. It's also stronger.


  • Ness runs much slower, being tied for the slowest run speed in the game.
  • Ness falls faster relative to the cast.
  • Ness is lighter (94 -> 82).
  • Up Smash is stronger, no longer being the weakest in the game.
  • Forward Smash is weaker.
  • Down Smash is stronger.
  • Down Air comes out faster and has much more base knockback.


  • Captain Falcon falls faster, now being the fastest faller in the game.
  • Captain Falcon's air speed is slower, being average.
  • Captain Falcon is heavier (104 -> 108).
  • Back Air is now the strongest in the game, but it has a shorter duration and has no late hitbox.
  • Forward Air is weaker, but the sweetspot lasts for 3 frames instead of 1, and the late hitbox deals 3% more damage (3% -> 6%). It also has less endlag.
  • Down Air comes out much faster and has no sourspot.
  • Up-B is much stronger.
  • Falcon Kick is stronger and has no sourspot.
  • Falcon Punch is much faster and much stronger.
  • Down Tilt sends the opponent at a higher angle.
  • Neutral Air has less knockback, but both hits have a longer duration.


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November 26, 2016


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File size
9.65 MB
Credit given to modders
November 26, 2016

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