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Zelda (Divine Goddess Special)

Here is Zelda in my own inspired theme of Din’s, Farore’s and Nayru outfits. Din’s representing the red/orange. Farore’s representing dark nature green/yellow green and Nayru representing Ocean Blue/lightblue.

All been TexIdFix to Slot 9, 10 and 11. But can be TexIdFix to anyslot assuming you know how.

Din’s slot 9

Farore’s slot 10

Nayru’s slot 11

Comes with all cosmetics. Csps, Rsps, Bps and stock icons.

Includes Read-me for installation.

Tomato Cloud

Tomato Cloud: AKA Red Is Cool Cloud.

I really wanted to make him look red because… well, his skins are pretty…lacking.  Pfft.


This replaces his second costume.  ONLY ADVENT CHILDREN

Please please PLEASE if you have any issues installing this mod, let me know!

Mario (Red Star Attire)

UPDATE: 6/1/16 – Now includes a second download file. I just realized my CSPs and RSPs were in bad condition. They are now professionally redone.

Mario in his Red Star attire from Super Mario Galaxy.

Has been TexIdfix to slot 11, but can be put over any slot if you TexIdFix it.

Comes with all cosmetics, CSP, RSP, BP, and Stock Icon.

Even comes with a png folder that come with all his cosmetics in png format.

Please don’t upload this to any other site.

Thanks for downloading.