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Goku Black (Dragon Ball Super)

Goku Black, the best villain from Dragon Ball Super from the Future Trunks Arc has travelled into the SSF2 timeline! He has 3 forms (base, Super Saiya-jin and SSJ Rosé).


Goku Black comes with 2 versions: one over Goku and one over Chibi Robo. Both have 2 other versions where you can choose to have Zamasu or a Goku Black clone as assist in his SSJ Rosé form.


Base Goku Black's moveset is based mostly on the anime, the SSJ form's is based on the manga version of the form and SSJ Rosé's is based on both the anime and the games.

Check the movelist file to understand every move and to understand how to go into the normal SSJ form.

Just drag any of the choosen DAT files into the data folder and run the game.

However in the case of the Chibi Robo version you need to drag the Goku Black booter file over the SSF2.exe to run the mod. That is because Chibi Robo normally has only one form so the booter is necessary to run all 3 forms.

  • Fixed major bugs such as the SSJ knockback and dizzy animation.
  • Added in the tether dash created by Richárd Mohos which is based on the Dragon Ball FighterZ Aura Dash. To perform it press the grab button in air and you can move up or down with it.
  • Smarter CPU. He can use most moves as they need to be used, including the Kamehameha.


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