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The Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Color Porting Guide

The Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Color Porting Guide

By Eternal Yoshi

What you Need:

  • 010 Editor(Because it has a feature that this guide uses that other Hex Editors may not have.)
  • ThreeWorkTool
  • Basic Knowledge About the Game’s File Structure
  • Patience and Persistence
  • The Color Expansion Kit installed, to load extra color slots. (Community Edition includes The Color Expansion Kit)

This is a guide on how to port character’s costumes/colors to another color slot.

This will also get you started on importing colors, existing or otherwise, to new color slots

which will let you use the Power User features that Color Expansion V2 offers, the ability to add

as many costumes as you want. It’s not as simple as renaming the arcs, quite a bit goes into it.

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