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DLC #3 Preview & Release Date ANNOUNCED

Howdy folks, Komodo here. As a lot of you were aware, Bandai Namco US invited some VIPs to join a DLC 3 stream this past Thursday. Because of this, we have some great previews of everyone’s favourite new addition: Bojack.

As announced live, the official release date for the third paid DLC pack, “DB Super Pack 3” is the 25th of April 2017. More content will be announced in the coming days for the free update (which has been kept eerily quiet for some time) and quite possibly some details on the next wave of DLCs/Updates.

DLC 3 contents:

  • Bojack!
  • Zamasu
  • Goku Black (SS Rosé)
  • 3 NEW Parallel Quests
  • 4 NEW Skills
  • 5 NEW Super Souls
  • 2 NEW Emotes

Goku Black’s Dark Gi and Future Mai’s clothes were also confirmed as wearable outfits for player characters.

Via:  Rhymestyle

Stay tuned for more data-mined information on DLC4+ this coming Monday/Tuesday.


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