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The Future Of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Hey everyone, Komodo here. This past week was one of the most hype weeks in the history of the Xenoverse series. We saw the release of DBXV2’s Extra Pack 1 DLC. This pack is the largest to be released to date and includes 4 brand new characters to the roster. Tapion, Majin Buu (Gohan Absorbed), Android #13 and Majin Dabura, all of which were heavily requested characters fans deemed missing from the series. The update also included much more including a Pride Trooper outfit for CaCs, a brand new game mode and a re-balancing of the game’s online mode.

Our data-mining efforts proved very successful this time, since we were able to find far more new content than any previous leaks. Among that content (found by myself, Zankye and SynnX within minutes of the release) included the following:

  • Jiren (original character, from Dragon Ball Super)
  • Android #17 (in his Dragon Ball Super outfit)
  • Fu (the son of Mira and Towa)*
  • Super Saiyan Blue awoken skill for CaC
  • The entire Xenoverse 1 story mode
  • All of the missing characters and forms from Xenoverse 1

* presumably, we don’t know for sure that this is the same Fu, but there is a ton of evidence.

Who is Fu? And why is he important?

The leaked news as reported first by Rhymestyle:

(videos by Rhymestyle)

Shortly after this a scan was revealed seemingly confirming the existence of a new demon realm villain. His name isn’t pictured from what I can tell, but it fits in well with our theory. This scan also shows two new costumes for Goku and Mr. Satan, and it seems to be describing a new “partner customisation” feature which will allow us to change some costumes and skills for our masters in game.

(video by Rhymestyle)


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