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69 Saiyan Transformations All in ONE skill

Dragon Ball History Transformations is one ultra skill that includes tons and i mean TONS of transformations throughout dragon ball that appeared including canon and non-canon forms with some brand new auras. the ones that are shown in the screenshots are barely one third of the transformations you have in this one skill.

however what makes this skill unique is the way transformations are accessed. let's just say the there some directional input shenanigans that are put in place which are really simple to understand. there's text in the mod folder that goes further into details on how the controls work and an aura id list for those who are interested in the auras added by this mod.

there's also a spoiler chart that shows all the available transformations for the mod for those who want to know what is in the mod or what they couldn't find themselves.


Credits Section

Lazybones for new transformations.IME DZ for his DBS Broly Animations , grinns and synx for their animation contributions. 345boneshoss for dyt resources pack

Synx's SSJ4 FullPower Mod

Grinns SSB Animation Mod



You need to download Lazybones New Transformations (Here) and AbyssWalker's AuraPack (Here) for the Auras to function correctly.

Installer and X2M

Updating: Update with installer and X2M but if you're updating from the first version of the mod then Uninstall "Dragon Ball Forms Costumes".



1.0: Initial


You no longer need to clean install just for this one mod

The Skill is Now available for female saiyans as well

Fixed the "Partset Overflow" bug during installation

Fixed the "body id already in use" bug during installation

Fixed the skill not appearing in shop bug

Fixed the eye texture bug

Added a hair change option to the mod installer

Adjusted Super Saiyan 5 and Super Saiyan Rose Evolved Auras

Adjusted Super Saiyan hair colors making them less yellow and more gold

Added a new transformation which is accessed through (While in Super Saiyan 4 Awoken Input + down)



1.75: Major Update 1:

Added the new Super Saiyan 4 Limit Break from SDBH to FullPower Super Saiyan 4 Branch

Added 3 different Aura Options depending on your taste.

Added 3 more different hair change options (only hair).

Adjusted LB like commands so that higher forms are accessed through base state.

Added new Animations and camera's for some forms such as Kefla forms, LSSJ4 and more.


1.751: Bug fixes

Fixed a bug which caused the and SSJ4 and SSG hairs to have the same model for LB hair patches.

Fixed a bug which caused the "Simple Hair change" patch to give infinite load screen.

added a new text for potential questions with answers to them.


1.8: the MOST important update ever

Behaviour 66 can be changed by players now. which means that they can play this with hyper transformable moveset mods or skills.

Added Legendary Super Saiyan 3 which connects the Fury branch to Legendary Super Saiyan 4. (See the Spoiler chart to understand)

Completely remade Super Saiyan 4 Limit Break and Super Saiyan 5 Auras.

Gave Golden Super Saiyan 4 it's own dedicated aura for every patch.

Added proper body glow colors to some kaioken forms.

Adjusted some stats for some forms to balance them more.



1.85: Fixed The LB Hair Patch Crashing. Removed Auras now requires AbyssWalker's Aura Pack for Auras to work Properly. (Uninstall The Previous Version before installing this update)


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  1. lewisstar says:

    None of the kaioken paths work for me

    1. dnlrfd says:

      Yeah me too. did u find any fix?

    2. codeman90000 says:

      He has to wait for lazybones to update his stuff and azura. Cause of the recent update to eternity and the game. You can do it yourself to if you open skill creator then open up his file transformations to see which transformation are then go to transformation hit the entry and that number will be the transformation. So 0 is kaioken I believe just look at his file for transformations and fix them the way you like. Ssj 3 doesn’t for me and many others. But I fixed his transformations. We just gotta wait for the update sadly.

  2. am i the only one that cant use DEEZ arua

    1. Haze. says:

      yeah me too I get stuck in an infinite loading screen

    2. codeman90000 says:

      He has to update it for the recent update and everything.

  3. JyuVGrace says:

    My tail doesn’t want to work properly

    1. JyuVGrace says:

      i had installed a move set that didn’t support tail and ssj3 mods

  4. THEMAILMAN says:

    I’ll preface this by saying that this mod is excellent. The input idea is incredible and the absolute amount of forms here is really impressive. However, I do have one glaring issue with this, and that is the necessity to install Azura’s Auras. While yes, the auras that it does use from Azura are good and necessary, there are many, many auras from the installer that are left over and completely unused, and just end up taking up space, usually preventing me from installing many other auras that I’d like to use for this mod (such as grinns’s SSGSS aura, for example.) and creating a problem that I can’t get out of. I’m not sure if there’s an easy solution to this aside from just not installing the mod (which would bite, because I really love using this mod) or just not installing the auras, but if there would be any way to just install the few auras from Azura that are needed for this pack, then that would be really great. Not being able to use all of the auras I would like to use because of unnecessary and unused aura additions is something that is very, very irritating.

    1. oshae says:

      do you have any socials i need help when i go in the skill shop all the transformations are not in one they are just there

  5. This mod is amazing, but i really want to know if it’s possible to enable Force Teleport for this in the XV2 skill creator? I just thought it was weird that you wouldn’t be able to teleport while using chargeable ki blasts, and i’ve been trying to figure it out myself, but nothing’s changed.

  6. Jetkingcobra says:

    where is the hair change id it doesnt work for me?

    1. elderfolds says:

      I ran into the same problem

      1. pritzal says:

        you guys have to use the aplication and put the game folder in that place after that you just chose what style you want and it will work

  7. Acendia says:

    Nope, I can’t get past the infinite loading screen. My steps:

    1. Install the game via Steam
    2. Download latest versions of XV2Patcher and XV2 Installer
    -Install XV2 Patcher by placing the two instructed folders into the game folder
    -Install XV2 Installer by selecting the .exe from Patcher in the bin folder.
    3. Download latest versions Azura Auras and New Transformations
    -Install Azura Aura with the installer .exe
    -Install New Transformation (with and without any of the provided transformation mods, fresh reinstall of game in between ofcourse) with provided installed .exe
    ~Anime style aura, normal drains, tried both None and Hair/Eye change with transformation (reinstall entire game in between attempts), tried both tail animation options as well.
    4. Install latest version of this mod
    -Following the readme, Installed the file labeled INSTALL THIS FIRST, then opened INSTALL THIS SECOND and tried ALL Aura options, chose Lazybone’s New Transformation IDs.
    -after those two I installed the main file outside of (INSTALL THESE FIRST) folder.

    5. BONUS
    -After few attempts I also tried using New Transformation .exe after installing this mod since I read you might have to use it every time you add a transformation mod but even that
    didn’t help.
    -Tried deleting/moving Easy Anti Cheat .dlls from the EAC folder as suggested by some youtube videos but those didn’t help either.

    There is absolutely nothing else installed but I cannot get into Practice mode to try out the mod, get stuck waiting for the character portraits every time after selecting characters. Any ideas?

    1. Acendia says:

      I should clarify, the New Transformation skills worked just fine. This mods transformation skill causes the infinite wait time.

    2. Acendia says:

      Ok, I managed to get it working by not selecting Lazybones Hair IDs, I don’t know how the option should work because one of the things I tried was also installing a lazybone hair mod. I’ll try figure out what’s up.

      1. Acendia says:

        Honestly, I don’t know what went wrong and where but now everything is working as intended, I just reinstalled the this mod afterwards for LB hair IDs and this time it worked…. It’s got to be magic.

    3. codeman90000 says:

      Yeah many of the creator’s like lazy bones and Abyss need to update for the recent patch. So we’ll have to wait a very long time sadly.

  8. Ultra Z says:

    i have a idea. Could you add like ultra instinct sign for a preset to super saiyan blue evolved, or super saiyan blue kaioken, and like MAYBE ultra instinct promo. you know the one where the red aura is around goku’s back? Limit breaker form or whatever, but yeah. i know im asking for alot but.. itll be really cool. 69 TRANSFORMATIONS?? wow.. pls keep updating this i wanna see 100+! (joking but if rlly tho thatll be amazing.)

  9. roundabout says:

    So this is compatible with Lazybones transformation pack?

    1. roundabout says:

      Nevermind, it messed up my game and now I can’t play.

  10. lazay says:

    how do i install this mod

  11. LUX says:

    how can I edit the color of the super sayan is too pale

  12. JyuVGrace says:

    does anyone know why when i go ssj4 my chest gets replaced with a different top and i lose my tail

  13. ghostuchiha says:

    Love the mod man. Any chance you could possibly add a God of Destruction form like Toppos? Possibly as a branch to SSBE where SSBE Kaioken and Ultra Instinct are?

  14. conno96 says:

    can you guys please help me out. few problems i encourtered
    one hair only change to blonde not any other not even ssj3, eyes do change
    two cant access even half of the tranformations my character just gets back to his base form or previous form
    what should i do

  15. okay we can all agree this is the best transformation mod ever my only problem with it is that it crashes after playing a couple of matches or even after story mode

    for update

    1) fix crash and bugs

    2) an idea i had for transformation could be

    a god of destruction mode

    and omni god super saiyan, omni god super saiyan full power, ,kaioken x50, kaioken x100

  16. I installed everything about the mod but it does not go, these are my procedures: I downloaded the transformations and aura package and installed them, then I downloaded the package of 69 transformations and installed the file to be installed first with xv2.ins, after I installed the second file with double click and obviously selected the xenoverse 2 folder. After all these proceedings it’s not going well and I’ve tried so many times, could someone help me please?

  17. Neen says:

    can you use eye mods for this mod

  18. Neen says:

    lazybones transformation id doesnt work for me

  19. DotDotEight says:

    the up/down/left/right keys don’t work for me. instead, i have to use WASD, but W doesn’t work

  20. Andra says:

    when i go ssj4 there is no fur what do i need to do?

  21. Neen says:

    i installed abysswalkers aura and lazybones transformations and it still not working. I also uninstalled the old dragon ball history mod

  22. Faran ssblue says:

    Hy Abyss Walker, please add super Saiyan blue berserker and omni super Saiyan in this mod, amazing work bro keep it up

  23. SiegeDragonZ says:

    Installing an x2m after this one seems to mess up the hairs

  24. Sabe533 says:

    There’s no download button. I don’t have the original file anymore.

  25. Timer says:

    Im having some problems with the transformations, for some reason when i transform into a super Saiyan, my hair stays gold for all the other transformations. and for super saiyan three my hair doesnt get longer wat can i do?

  26. Nekizawa says:

    can you make optional the tail animations’ installation? they make my oc’s tail bugged because of custom moveset
    i don’t want install the tail animations

  27. Does this mod Improve stats??

  28. THEMAILMAN says:

    Hoping that we can see the DEEZ AURAS and Lazybones aura options make a return in the future. The removal of both really hurt this mod’s visual appeal in my eyes. Keep up the good work.

  29. Bouba123 says:

    I can’t load into offline battle to try the characters

  30. MidAirMamba says:

    Hey can you please do eveyone in the community a favor and make a super saiyan blue 3 rage transformation for cac? you know? all white (no pupils) eyes, long blue ssj3 hair, and lots of lightning? so even if you could just separate the ssj3 rage stage in this mod so we can have it as a 1-2 stage transformation by itsself? this is something the community needs cause noone has done it yet, suprisingly. been trying to make one with skillcreator but i can’t get it to work. the tool isnt intuitive at all.

  31. Ultra Z says:

    i got some requests, for some forms that’ll blow up in my eyes. And IF you add these, put them in the strings that you desire. False SS, – Super Saiyan Power (SS With Black Hair) – Super Saiyan Primal (SS4 With no fur) – False SS Kaio-Ken . … Berserk SS4+5+6. Speaking of beyond four, SS5, SS6, SS7, SS8, etc. Berserk SSG = Controlled Berserk SSG, (with pupils) Berserk SSB = Controlled Berserk SSB (with pupils) SSG Evolution, UI -Sign-, UI -Sign Promo- = UI -Sign- Kaio-Ken = UI -Sign Promo- Kaio-Ken, Berserk UI -Sign-, Berserk UI -Sign- Controlled (with pupils) Berserk SSJ, Berserk SS2, = Controlled Berserk SS and 2. LUI (Legendary Ultra Instinct), MUI Berserk, MUI Berserk Controlled, – LSS5, LSS5 Kaio-Ken – Omni SS, Omni SS Kaio-Ken, Omni LImit Breaker And MUI Kaio-Ken. Those are my requests. Amazing work as always, Abyss.

    1. i also thought he should add like a majin form like ssj2 majin and a god of destruction form ssjr2 and ssb berserk controlled the new vegeta form

  32. hansolo04 says:

    What can i change to make die kaioken paths work?

    1. AbyssWalker says:

      change the “ultimate display” button to somewhere other than keyboard. like mouse or something or play with joystick. Apparently left direction doesn’t work when ultimate display is held on keyboard.

  33. Cyprien says:

    I can transform normally with the main path (from Super Saiyan to Ultra Instinct), but I can’t transform with the side forms. When I press the directional keys or even ZQSD (I use an AZERTY keyboard) right after I start the transformation, nothing else happens but a classic transformation of the main path.
    Why doesn’t it work?

  34. PauFSLolol says:


  35. Skurs says:

    my hair is stuck in ssj not updating when I transform and UI skill set not working

    1. Skurs says:

      nvm i got the hair sorted but the skill set is a little oof

      1. EvanMad says:

        How did you get the hair working?-

  36. krytystian says:

    Hey,I have a question
    Can you use a shakaros auras?
    Have a link to his account:

    1. bro i said the same thing his aura is just perfect

      1. krytystian says:

        if you mean shakaros so im gonna agree with you

  37. haldir307 says:

    Any chance to add SSJ6-7-8 too?
    SSJ6 has the gold SSJ color with fur, SSJ8 is black with fur, now SSJ7 is like SSJ3 but kinda orange gold color.

  38. TimeHasDeku says:

    Please respond if u see this but I love this mod its just amazing best transformation mod I’ve seen but can u change the input to the 1 – 4 number keys instead because as of rn they are super confusing and hard to understand which transformation I want without having to keep guessing

  39. X2050 says:

    Ok, so this is the only mod that I have, and when I try to launch the game, it gives me the error code “Failed to apply patch “PreBakedPatches:CusAuraPatchBH13″”. What does that mean and how do I fix it?

  40. TonioAF says:

    I got a problem the eye of my cac become blank after transforming until i become at least ui or blue/rose evolution with the instalation made on no Hair change or lazy bone id’s, I just installed lazybone new’s transformation and your 69 saiyan form in case.

    Thx if you could help resolve the issue.

  41. codeman90000 says:

    Still not working Abyss with the hair transformations :/ when I transform my hair still stays the same smfh.

  42. The Squirrel says:

    Every time I try to download this mod my PC stops the download stating that there has been a virus detected. I have downloaded previous iterations of this mod without any fuss but now I can’t. Any ideas?

    1. Same just happened to me right now

  43. Every time I try to download this mod my PC it says that there is a virus

  44. Ghost says:

    it said there was a trojan virus on this mod according to my windows defender. Does anyone know why this is?

  45. zachary says:

    so every time i download it says virus detected can someone help me plz

  46. Lucifer says:

    I can’t use any of the Kaioken transformations, anyone know how to fix this?

  47. EvanMad says:

    All it does for me is it keeps the super saiyan hair color no matter what form.

  48. FUNNY says:

    how do I go to the super saiyan kefla path?

  49. When I downloaded the mod it gave me the characters in it but no tranformations? Im trying to see if its because im not level 99 yet but does anyone have a solve for this?

  50. Why does my Computer say it is a trojana?

  51. darkzr5azy61 says:

    how to downloud the mod ;-;

  52. elderfolds says:

    do you guys know any compatible hair mods

  53. mysticgee says:

    the mod is the best you should add omni super saiyan to it 😉

  54. epicchill123 says:

    Where is the download button?

  55. jagoinnit says:

    what is the directory to use

  56. FUNNY says:

    I can’t wait for the next update (if you’re planning to) this mod is just awesome

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April 18, 2021