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Ancient God’s Pack 2! (Characters)

In the middle of the nowhere...

An amazing fight was taking place...

Black: "Ugh..."

Goku: "What... Is that all?"

Black: "You mere mortal!"

Black was trying to hit Goku, but he was dodging everything.

Black: "H-How is this... P-POSSIBLE!?"




Black: "Grrr..."

Black: "I-It's not p-possible..."

A black and grey aura was surrounding Black. 

Black: "Wh-What's this...!?"

Black: "What's... Happening to... Me!?"

Goku: "Huh? What's going on?"

Black's eyes were fully purple and his body took a dark purple tone just like his aura...

Black: "Hahahaha..."

Goku: "Wh-What? He changed..."

Vegeta: "Damnit!"

Black: "It's time to finish this...Once for all!"

Black was preparing a black kamehameha...

Whis: "H-He's gonna kill us!"

Vegeta: "K-Kakarot!"

Goku: "Grrr... That's it!"

Goku launches a Kamehameha

Goku: "I'm tired of you, Black!"

Black: "Heheheheh..."

A beam struggle started because of the 2 kamehameha's

Goku: "I have to put more ki!"

A final flash joined the beam struggle

Goku: "V-Vegeta!"

Vegeta: "Kakarot, we have to put more energy!"

Goku: "Y-Yes!"

Black: "Stupid mortals... I'll beat you this time... GAH!"

Black's Kamehameha was stronger...

Goku: "Gah!"

Vegeta: "W-Watch out, Kakarot!"

Someone was standing in front of them, he created a shield before the Kamehameha took them.

Goku: "Whis!"

Whis: "Goku and Vegeta are you okay?"

Vegeta: "Yes..."

Goku: "Thanks Whis you really sav-"

Before Goku thanks Whis, Black stabbed Whis with his ki sword...

Goku and Vegeta: "WHIS!"

Whis: "Goku... Vegeta... You... Hav... T...O... Wi...N"

Whis died...

Black: "Hahahahahah! This is so much fun!"

Goku: "YOU!"

Goku was fully enraged because of Whis' death...

He tried to hit Black... But Black was faster...

Black: "Cmon Son Goku, you're faster, aren't you?"

Goku: "SHUT UP!"

Black: "It's time to put my strength into the test..."

Black quickly knocked out Goku...

Goku: "Ugh..."

Black: "Hmph... How disappointing"

Black: "Huh!?"

A punch landed Black's face.

Goku: "V-Vegeta!"


Vegeta's appareance was similar to Goku, his chest was hairy, his hair got a bit longer and a tail grew up at the back of his pants, but different, Goku's hair was red, Vegeta's was blue!

Goku: "Vegeta, you transformed too!"

Vegeta: "Y-Yes...!"

Vegeta (in mind): "What's this power...? It's unbelievably awesome!"

Vegeta: "I feel amazing!"

Goku: "But... Vegeta, your hair... Is blue."

Vegeta: "Yes, and you know what this means?"

Goku: "Huh? What?"

Vegeta: "This means I'm stronger than you, Kakarot!"

Goku: "Aw, cmon"

Goku: "Be careful Vegeta, he's coming!"

Vegeta: "Hehehehe... Ready to get crushed again!?"

Black: "Grrr... You too..."

Suddenly, a voice was talking...

???: "Hahahahahahhahaha!"

???: "Look at you! You dare call yourself a god? WORTHLESS!"

Vegeta: "Huh? Who are you? Show yourself!"

???: "SHUT UP!"

Vegeta got knocked out...

Goku: "Vegeta! Are you okay?"

Vegeta: "Ggggg..."

Goku: "WHO ARE YOU!?"

???: "You look like me... Hehehehehehehehe..."

Goku: "What?"

An unknown guy emerged from the shadows... Wait... Another Goku?

Goku: "He looks like me!"

Vegeta: "Another Goku Black?"

Goku (King Of Hell): "Hahahahahahhahaha! I'm Goku, the king of hell!"

Goku and Vegeta: "King of hell!?"

Goku (King Of Hell): "Yes... HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA!"

Goku (King Of Hell): "I really don't know where am I, but I don't care, you 2 will be my next victims!"

Goku: "Victims!?"

Vegeta: "You'll be the one who's gonna die here, fool!"

Goku: "Wait Vegeta, don't!"

Goku (King Of Hell): "Yes, come, I'll rip your heart and I'll eat it!"

Vegeta tries to hit Goku (King Of Hell) but he grabs him by the neck.

Vegeta: "Gggggg... Let... Me..."

Goku: "Vegeta, no!"

Goku (King Of Hell): "Heheheheheheh... Don't worry, it won't hurt!"

Black starts to laugh

Black: "Hahahahahahah... Magnificent"

Goku (King Of Hell): "Who are you?"

Black: "Heheheheheh... I'm you, but different"

Goku (King Of Hell): "So that's means you're my enemy huh..."

Black: "No, indeed, I want to kill them too"

Goku (King Of Hell): "Oh... I see"

Black: "Let's cooperate, with you on my side, I will finally make my own reign!"

Goku (King Of Hell): "Heheheheheheheh... Alright, let's do it"

Black: "Perfect, now let's kill these 2!"

Black: "Son Goku, prepare to be squashed!"

Goku: "Try it!"

An intense battle began between the 4 saiyans...

Goku: "This ends here, Black!"

Black: "Heh... Foolish mortal"

Goku threw a Super Kamehameha at Black.

Black: "Is that all you have? A simple technique like that won't work anymore!"

Goku: "Ggrrr..."

Vegeta had a hard time fighting Goku (King Of Hell)...

Vegeta: "Ugh..."

Goku (King Of Hell): "Does it hurt? HAHAAHAHAHAHA!"

Vegeta: "Shut... UP!"

Vegeta: "Take this...!"

Vegeta: "FINAL...FL-"

Before Vegeta fires his Final Flash, Goku (King Of Hell) punched him in the guts...

Vegeta: "You... Bastard..."

Goku (King Of Hell): "Heh... Cmon Vegeta, you were always weak!"

Vegeta: "What did you...Say...!?"

Goku (King Of Hell): "You heard me"

Goku (King Of Hell) grabbed Vegeta by the neck and began to punch him in the stomach...

Vegeta: "Gaaaaaah!"

Goku (King Of Hell): "Yes... YES! I WANT TO HEAR YOU SCREAMING!"

Punches were stronger...

Vegeta: "Gaaaaaaaaah!"


Goku: "Vegeta! NO!"

Black: "Oh no, you don't"

Before Goku went were Vegeta was, Black stopped him knocking him out

Black: "Do not interfere!"

Goku: "Grrrrrr..."

Black: "This is a special occasion, I'll kill you and then my reign will be completed!"

Goku: "We won't allow you do that!"

Black: "You and who? Vegeta? Don't make me laugh!"

Goku: "Darn..."

Vegeta was screaming... He started to cry...

Vegeta: "GAAAAAAH!"

Goku (King Of Hell): "THIS IS IT! YOU'RE DEAD!"

???: "ENOUGH!"

A voice talked from the shadows...

Black and Goku (King Of Hell): "Huh?"

Goku (King Of Hell) got punched in his stomach letting Vegeta free.

Black was kicked in the face.

Black: "WHO DARES!"

An strange portal was opened and from that, a familiar namekian and saiyan came out.

Goku: "Huh... You guys..."

???: "Don't worry, dad, we will take care of this!"

Vegeta: "Ugh... You... Came..."

???2: "Rest now, Vegeta, It's my turn."

Goku (King Of Hell): "YOU... INTERRUPTED ME!"

Black: "WHO ARE YOU!"

The light that emitted the portal went off...

Gohan: "It's a shame that you don't recognize me, dad."

Black: "What!?"

Piccolo: "Long time no see, Goku."

Goku (King Of Hell): "You!"

Piccolo and Gohan... Both transformed into 2 beings with amazing power...

Gohan: "You know, this transformation is in a whole different level than yours."

Black: "Grrrr..."

Piccolo: "Never seen a namekian transforming and surpasing your stupid saiyan transformation, right?"

Goku (King Of Hell): "YOU'RE DEAD!"

The duo between Black and Goku (King Of Hell) was no match for Gohan and Piccolo... Now, an extreme battle will begin between both sides to save the multiverse from its destruction!


v.2: I know, I know, this took me too much, like 3 or 2 months, but you know, my PC broke out 3 times so, sh1t. Anyway, there's something I wanna say, this pack comes with:

-3 new characters! (Vegeta, Goku and Black are updated, now super forms are playable xd)

Q: What about the quests?

A: I make another file for that, the download is 564 MB so it would take a lot of time

Q: What about the costumes?

A: I'll make a special pack for that, so don't worry.

You may be wondering who the hell is "Goku (King Of Hell)", well, he's Goku from a timeline where he was pure evil and got consumed by evil energy (like janemba) and became saiyan with demon powers. Also, Gohan and Piccolo are from the same timeline as Goku (King Of Hell), Gohan received the title of Dimensional Guardian because after his father's death, he was the only one who could save the multiverse alongside Vegeta and Piccolo. Piccolo became Ancient God after Grand Elder Guru's death, Piccolo absorbed the remaining ki that Grand Elder Guru had before he dies, that's how he gain God powers, also, he was fused with Nail, so that made him more powerful

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