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Completely new aura mini pack

Disclaimer: IF YOU USE MY MOD GIVE CREDIT TO ME AND LINK TO THIS PAGE! ( or link to my youtube video of it)

I've never released anything quite like this before.

there are two completely re-drawn aura's not from the game

one that replaces the base blue aura and one that replaces super saiyan aura.

of course I'll be adding to it by editing the different aura effect and changing other aura...I'm looking at you cell....with you're crappy green aura

now I want you guys to tell me what you think of it.

oh and for some extra fun....equip darkness mixer...wait you'll see it in the pictures anyway so (it's only an early beta so not everything on darkness mixer has been changed and I need to find out where the dark attacks are stored like rage saucer, baked sphere and whatnot)

oh and the video does the super saiyan aura justice ...because apparently it looks better against black/dark backgrounds/areas....

remember to back your files up

extract the datap3 folder and overwrite your datap3 folder with mine and then repack

v1.0 : initial release V1.1: coming soon to a GTArajgaming youtube channel near you


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June 22, 2016